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Six Ways to Make your Day More Mindful

Mindfulness is no longer viewed as a touchy-feely fad! Using your time wisely and being more mindful of your breathing, surroundings and daily decisions may reduce stress and help boost your wellbeing, according to brand new research.[i] Instead of being preoccupied with memories of the past, churning thoughts, and worries about the future, our experts…

The London Essence Company unveils The Light House an immersive journey exploring the essence of light

The London Essence Company have announced the launch of The Light House: an immersive journey through the essence of light – where perception-shifting light design meets low-calorie cocktails crafted using London Essences’ fine mixers by some of the world’s most influential bartenders. Specially commissioned for London Cocktail Week (Monday 1st October – Saturday 6th October),...

Absolutely Classic!

The Pilates Pod is about to get even better. This Summer, they’re incredibly excited to be re-launching their Hitchin studio into an all new full apparatus Classical Pilates studio. Featuring Wunda chair, High Chair, Classical Reformers, Towers, Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Toe Gizmo, Foot Corrector, Sandbag, Neck stretcher, aeroplane board and classical high mats complete...