Learning to Harness the Power of your Subconscious

Apparently our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. That is a lot of extra power – yet for most of our lives we carry on fairly unaware of our subconscious. The fact that it is called the subconscious mind gives us a bit of a clue that it is not something we are always aware of – so how on earth can we begin to harness its power? Well the first step is to begin to be aware that not only does it exist but it is impacting our lives every day and if we are not using the power of our subconscious in positive ways then the chances are that it could be exerting a negative influence on our lies or even worse, actually sabotaging our goals and dreams.

Start noticing gut reactions

So if we accept that the subconscious mind is not something we are automatically aware of then the first step is starting to become aware of it and look for signs of its influence. There are times when the subconscious (which might well be known to some people as the instinctive or intuitive part of our minds the ‘gut reaction’) is easier to tune into than others. So start noticing what your first thought is, your instinct. Someone proposes an idea – what is your initial reaction – what do you think about the idea BEFORE you rationally think about the pros and cons? That is a good way to spot the kind of influence your subconscious may be exerting, the mind-sets that may be running in the background of your life but actually influencing you. Let’s say someone suggests a holiday – what is your first thought? It might ‘oh that could be expensive’ indicating perhaps an underlying concern about money, or alternatively ‘Brilliant – when and where to?’ which might show how much you value holidays or travel or perhaps the relationship you have with the person who has suggested it. It is important to remember that there is no reaction or even mind-set that is wrong or right – they simply are, they exist in the subconscious – but if they exert an undue negative influence then some work on them could improve your life dramatically. By becoming aware of your initial gut reaction to things you might be able to spot some of the prevailing mind-sets which will influence decisions that you make.

Become aware of your commentary

When we are going about our day, we don’t do so in silence. I am not suggesting that the population at large hears voices, but we live our lives with an internal commentary. This is especially noticeable when we are doing things that don’t take our full attention, perhaps walking, cleaning, driving or even mundane aspects of work. In fact some people ensure they have time to quieten or calm their minds thorough things like mindfulness or meditation to make sure they can tune in to their subconscious. Other good times to be aware of our subconscious thoughts are when we are drifting off to sleep or when we first wake up. That space between full conscious wakefulness and sleep is a great time to start to be aware of our subconscious. That is the time when we can be aware that although we might be saying to everyone how excited we are about a new job, house move or relationship, we might actually be feeling considerable anxiety. Often there are reasons why we can choose not to listen to our subconscious because often it is the part of us that might either urge caution or conversely encourage risk. But starting to be aware of it is the first step on the way to harnessing its power.

How to use the subconscious

The subconscious will ALWAYS work to get you what you want. What you really want, at a subconscious level which might not actually be the same as you say you want at a conscious level. Let ‘s imagine that someone applies for a job – they say they want it – because consciously they believe that they do yet subconsciously they may be afraid that they haven’t the skills or that it will be just too much of a challenge. The unconscious will work against that person actually getting the job. They will probably feel very nervous and insecure prior to going for an interview and on many occasion this will mean they don’t do their best. The subconscious is making sure that what they really want deep down on a subconscious level is what actually happens.

If you want to use the power of your subconscious try following these simple steps.

  • Tune into the messages of your subconscious – what is the commentary inside your head
  • If it seems at odds with your conscious desires then explore why this is the case and get rid of the unhelpful subconscious beliefs or mind-sets that may be inhibiting the pursuit of our dreams and happiness or sabotaging your efforts to achieve these
  • Be explicit with yourself and your subconscious about what you really want
  • Set goals or intentions and state them to yourself regularly – perhaps create a vision board
  • Get in touch with the emotions of what it would be to see those dreams fulfilled
  • Start to visualise those drams (fulfilled) especially at times when you doubt you can achieve it BUT make a point of doing it regularly anyway.
  • Start to believe that you can achieve your dream sand that your subconscious can help you.
  • Take Action – as the saying goes ‘dreams won’t work unless you do’!