Learning to Live to Your Full Potential

There is a part of all of us that would like to live to our potential – even when we are not perhaps sure what our full potential may be. In general this is also what we wish for people that we love and if we are honest we can often be quite frustrated when we see people that are not living to their potential. But if we are to focus on ourselves for a moment let’s think first about why we might not be living to our potential and how would we even know. Well, if you ever have the thought that you could do more or that you have more to give or could take more responsibility, or that if you didn’t have the responsibilities that you do, you could achieve more, then the chances are that you are not living to your potential.

Let’s start by looking at what stops us.

Mind set

I have mentioned in previous articles that this can have a radical impact on every aspect of your life.

A mind set is a set of beliefs you hold about yourself, your success, wealth, or relationships. Unhelpful mindsets develop over time and often have roots in our childhood. They can be subconscious but you can tell they exist often by that whisper you hear – the one that says, ‘you’ll never be happy’, ‘you don’t deserve success’, ‘you will never achieve anything very much’ – the list could go on. Unhelpful mindsets can prevent you ever living to your potential.

Lack of direction

Sometimes life happens to present opportunities but often those who achieve their full potential go out and find those opportunities. They usually have a clear idea of what they want. As individuals we have to know where we want to get to if we are to be sure to reach our destination.


Fear stops a lot of people living to their full potential. Fear of failure, which can stop people in their tracks and prevent them from ever taking a risk. Fear of criticism and even surprisingly a fear of success, of achieving or being in the limelight can also stop you living to your potential.

So they are the kinds of things you may need to work on to rid you self of what is stopping you and then you can take action to start your own personal journey to living a life to your full potential – try following the steps below.

Find some inspiration

Don’t be confined by what you have done, really open your mind and eyes to think about what you could do. What really excites you?  It can often be helpful to imagine a perfect life or a dream job, home or relationship. What are the elements that would be brilliant? Another approach would be to think about your ‘why’. What is it that you are wanting to change for – perhaps you want to make sure you can provide for your children, or be secure in retirement? Getting in touch with this, which is a very personal thing and different for everyone will provide you with inspiration to step up and start achieving what you are truly capable of.


Once you feel inspired then it is time to make a plan. At least now you have a defined end point, something you want to achieve so this next step is where you start breaking that down into ‘chunks’. It may be re-training, joining some groups, taking stock of your finances or any one of a number of other things. For some people they need to address the things that have been stopping them – like mind-set or problems with self-esteem. Have a read of this article, which considers five different things that will stop you being successful

 Take action

Of course a plan really is just the first step. The next step is actually DOING something. The plan may be brilliant, it could be broken down into really achievable goals that can create great focus BUT nothing will change unless some action is taken. If the plan is a good one it should be quite easy to see what the next step is so it should be quite easy providing that you have dealt with the things that might stop you. If you struggle with the taking action part then some coaching or mentoring can help.

Keep Going

What a lot of people tell me is that it often seems easier to start a new venture or change of direction than it is to keep going. There is often a sense of excitement at the start that can easily wane – so make sure that right from the start you build in some ways to maintain you MOJO. It could meeting with others who are working on similar goals, reading, studying and of course making sure that you take care of yourself. New ventures can seem all consuming but if you are to truly live to your potential then you need to make sure you develop habits that are sustainable.

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