NEOM Wellbeing Treatment

This amazingly gorgeous treatment has to be one of the most relaxing, wellbeing treatments I have ever experienced – NEOM organics is usually associated with beautiful scented candles and so I was intrigued what a treatment devised by NEOM would involve.

The treatment begins with the therapist explaining that your subconscious knows what your body needs, so through a sensory test you will be ensured that you receive the treatment that is unique to you and your specific needs in every way, there are four innovative theraputic choices, Sleep, De- stress, Energise and Happiness

Neom products contain the highest possible percentage of the purest essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way you feel.

My senses chose Sleep, which was rather apt as I have been working non-stop with some very late nights and was obviously lacking some serious restful sleep.

The room was prepared with a deeply scented Neom “Scent to Sleep Tranquility Fragrance” and then the wonderful experience began with a peaceful 15 minute guided meditation, which incorporated a reflex foot massage and breathing techniques.

Throughout the treatment the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Oil was drizzled over my skin, and massaged into every inch of my body, including key stress relieving points on the head, face, neck and back. The therapist uses tailored techniques that have been masterminded by a team of wellbeing experts who have drawn together the most effective of 6 therapies – meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology.

I was lost in a bubble of blissful relaxation with my whole body feeling light and detoxed and my skin felt so silky smooth, preparing me for a deep night’s sleep (I can but wish……..)

Not only does Neom have the most amazing candles you’ll ever smell they also have the most amazing treatment you’ll ever experience.


NEOM Body Treatment                                                                                            

£75 for 50 minutes, £95 for 80 minutes                                                                                                                    

Y Spa                                                                                                              

 0333 7007 667