The Magic of Mezze

The town of Bedford has many hidden gems, and this month we found another one, hidden away in the Castle Quay area is ‘Shish’, a restaurant that serves up the most delicious middle eastern dishes that are predominately – Mezze, Tagine and Grill food.

Dark wood furniture and walls are complimented with red hues on the seats and accessories; Turkish lamps, Arabian lights, and Shisha pipes further enhance the Arabian look creating an authentic, intimate space to enjoy your food.

So that’s the look, what about the food itself? It’s all freshly cooked to order, and to suit your own palette, so if you fancy something on the menu that sounds a little too spicy you can request for it to be milder, nothing is too much trouble when ordering your food.

I love Mezze so of course that is what we started with – our selection included houmous with fresh flatbread – delicious, with a slight spice sensation hitting the taste buds. Halloumi salad, tomato, pearl couscous and chermoula, I love halloumi and with its array of different flavours this was a real hit. The Lamb chops in olive oil, zahtar and mountain rosemary were incredibly flavorsome and succulent and the chargrilled chicken wings with hot harissa and herbs certainly set the tastebuds alive with their rich spicy tastes.

We followed the Mezze with Chicken Shish – Chicken, tomato, onions and peppers in a garlic, oregano, lemon & olive oil marinade served on a skewer inside freshly baked bread, this was a dish full of different flavours and textures that all complemented each other perfectly.

Red Sea Shish with cous cous salad – a combination of fresh red mullet, prawns, baby octopus, peppers and onions served in freshly baked bread. A imgl4511generous serving of succulent prawns, tender octopus and fresh red mullet was a real treat with the different spices making sure every mouthful was a riot of flavour!

The menu offers a varied choice of desserts, which I did decline (a hard decision I have to admit), but hubbie didn’t have my willpower and chose a honey flavoured cheesecake on a crumbed base with half figs and pistachio – thick and creamy with strong flavours of honey the figs cut through the cream filling resulting in wonderfully balanced flavours.

Shish is in the process of expanding into the building next door where you’ll be able to retire to after your meal or just pop in for a drink and smoke some authentic Shisha (Shish is introducing a new electronic Shisha that is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco –The world’s 1st device that actually works like traditional Shisha and produces great amounts of smoke and flavour).

Shish                                                                                                                      20 Castle Lane, Bedford                                                                                             01234 325800                                                                                www.shish.org.uk