The WOW Factor

Sophisticated and quirky, glamorous and decadent, and centrally located in the heart of Leicester Square is the W London Hotel, offering luxury, and style just steps away from theatreland, the catwalks of Brewer Street and Soho’s electric nightlife, the hotel – like the city itself – is a bold contrast of themes, colours, textures and characters, making it perfect for our recent trip to London.

A large freestanding lit up W is the only indication you have arrived at your destination, as you walk through the dark glass doors into a jet-black lobby, with glass ball chandeliers and sparkly lifts to take you up to the reception area on the first floor.


The lift doors open, to a view of disco balls hanging from the ceiling (a reminder of the nightclub history that once dominated Leicester Square). Mirrored reception desks, stand on a shiny black floor with neon purple lights, abstract artwork on the walls and a floor to ceiling bookcase filled with plates that depict business men in different stages of business to going out attire. The hotel is a bold contrast of themes, colours, textures and styles.

Check in was faultless, and within minutes we were stepping back in the lift to our room. WOW! were the words that escaped our lips as we walked into the aptly named WOW Suite (our home for the next 24 hours). It was WOW everywhere you looked. Situated on the higher floors with rooftop views over Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Soho (I would have to be careful I didn’t spend the whole time just gazing out people watching from the comfort of our suite), and being approx 77 m2, this suite was bigger than most people’s apartments.


A bedroom, with the most comfortable bed – WOW! A lounge area with a large red deep corner sofa, bespoke artwork dotted around, and a desk and working space with excellent wifi (exactly what I needed), proved ideal if you needed to work or host a couple of business meetings whilst in London.

A separate mammoth bathroom space with a steam bathtub to relax in whilst looking across the rooftops of Leicester Square – WOW! A four-person shower hidden behind a mirrored door – WOW! And bliss spa toiletries (in extra big bottles) everywhere – WOW!

Every time you think there’s no more WOW! to come, you come across something else – Gin and Tonics were sent up from the manager, mini bottles of Blue Sapphire Gin, Fentamans Tonic, lemon slices all served on a blue vinyl record – WOW!


And the WOWness of the suite still doesn’t stop. Included in the price of a WOW Suite is your very own Megabar experience, (a luxurious in room bar, brought to your room with your personal Mixologist) – just perfect for pre-dinner drinks before you head out to the bright lights of London. The whole procedure is simple, book what time you want the Mega bar experience to begin and your dedicated barman arrives at your door with what looks like, a large music freight case that opens to reveal an opulent bar, with a rotating disco ball, deluxe leather paneling, and onyx worktop.

Guests can choose their own soundtrack, or let the barman choose for them, and then the cocktails begin. It’s not just about the drinks though, it’s about the props served with them – An inflatable flamingo drinks holder and a spa bath set were served with our ‘Wet, Wet, Wet’ cocktail (a mix of citron vodka and fragrant undertones of lychee liqueur, lemongrass and ginger) and the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ (a blend of pineapple, Ciroc vodka with ginger, chili and caramel) served in a hollowed out pineapple with a pair of bright pink sunglasses.

Our Italian Mixologist, kept us entertained with a selection of some of the finest liquor that was shaken, stirred and sipped well into the night.

Once over, the bar is put away and wheeled out of the room – quicker than it takes to unpack your suitcase, with the cocktails and props left for you to enjoy at your leisure – The whole experience takes pre dinner drinks to a completely new level and I loved it.

Cocktails well and truly consumed we headed out to China Town, for a little food to soak up the alcohol. It is hard to believe that this luxury escape is right in the heart of Leicester Square, whether its because our suite is so high up or the window panes are so thick, I don’t know, but none of the noise reaches us until we step outside and walk to a restaurant that is literally a stones throw from the W entrance – You would be hard pressed to be more central than this.

After dinner and back in our suite, it’s almost a shame to go to sleep, there is still so much more people watching to do, but of course that comfy bed was too tempting, so after a restful night’s sleep it was time for breakfast, which we opted to take in our room.

A selection of pastries, fruits, and an English breakfast that was so fresh it’s hard to believe it wasn’t cooked in front of us!

Nothing beats sitting in your white fluffy gown eating the most delicious breakfast looking out on the shoppers, office workers, tourists, all getting on with their day to day life as we watch from above, and the views, have I mentioned them yet? – I feel another WOW coming here, so much so I could have stayed all day!

Whether it’s for shopping, sightseeing, a show, meal or just catching up with friends, W London is the perfect glamorous base to stay at whilst you explore London, and the vibrancy surrounding it.


Prices start from £1062 for 2 people in a WOW Suite (in June) including a Megabar experience for 2 people.