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Winter Tips

Now the colder months are creeping in and we spend more time in the dark, the condition of our skin changes and needs more attention. It’s so important to adapt your skincare routine to suit the colder environment which will not only keep your body nourished, but also help hydrate the complexion for a winter glow. Kerry Fenton-Kent, Group Spa Manager for Aqua Sana Spasgives us a few helpful tips that she’s tried and tested to keep your skin, health and wellbeing on top form this winter…


Avoid irritation from winter clothing

Whilst wrapping up warm during the winter is important, the rough texture of fabric can irritate the skin – the biggest culprit is scarves. The skin on the back of your neck is slightly thinner than the rest of the body, meaning that the friction of the scarf material is likely to take away any moisture from the skin, leaving it dehydrated. Treat your neck with the same attention that you do with your complexion; cleanse thoroughly and moisturise.


Fill up on vitamins

During the summer months we’re more inclined to eat more fresh fruit and salad but it’s just as important to load up on fruit and vegetables during the winter. This high intake of vitamins which comes from fresh produce to not only help prevent catching the common winter cold, but to also make sure your skin is looked after. One of the best fruits is pomegranates which are loaded with Vitamin C and K.


Sleep well

You normally need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night to ensure that your skin, health and wellbeing are looked after. Whilst it can become difficult to get these required hours during the Christmas season as the office parties and late night shopping can occupy the diary, do your best to settle down for an early night as often as possible. When you wake, your skin will feel fresh and your mind calm, ready to tackle the day ahead.


Aqua Sana, www.aquasana.co.uk