Winter Wellness in Gran Canaria

The last of the presents are wrapped, you have about 5 new outfits for the festive socialising you are obligated to attend, deadlines have been met, and you may have consumed one too many mince pies – Oh how you wish you could escape for some Rest and Relaxation with maybe some sunshine thrown in – Well wish no more, we have found the perfect trip for you to recharge your batteries and come back refreshed and rejuvenated with the added extra of a tan – A Gran Canaria Spa and Wellness Retreat.

Gran Canaria has glorious sunshine all year round, coupled with its impressive collection of spas all on one island means you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Four hours after leaving a cold and wet UK, with no lost luggage this time (a regular occurrence when we travel), we were met in Gran Canaria not only by our lovely chauffeur, but also by glorious sunshine.

First stop and our base for 4 nights was the four-star Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa, a charismatic hotel incorporating grand pillars, quaint bridges and beautiful botanical gardens all built within the volcanic mountains. The 500 rooms and suites are jotted about within the vast space, making sure this large resort still feels intimate and relaxed.

The Hotel’s Inagua Spa is a tranquil oasis of calm, with it’s steam bath (Hammam), sauna and themed showers all looking out onto the outside space, which simply takes your breath away a secret haven of beautifully manicured gardens, punctuated with luxurious loungers and colourful flowers. If you only experience one thing at this spa make sure it’s the floatation pool, hidden from view by rocks and charged with magnesium salts, you literally just lie there and let your troubles float away.

A full body massage followed, lights and soothing music set the mood for with just the right pressure and the added bonus of a scalp massage, I started to forget that I normally live a very busy, stressful life.

Sitting on the balcony watching the sunrise was the perfect start to the next day, which saw us visiting The Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, which is just as Grand as its name suggests. Part of The Leading Hotels of the World this 5* hotel in Maspalomas, is surrounded by palm trees and is an oasis of calm and tranquility with food that is exquisite and service that is impeccable.

04-Grand-Hotel-Residencia-NachtansichtThe spa here is a place of total harmony. A salt water pool heated to 30 degrees, a steam bath, sauna and salt cave all invite you to lie back and chill which is exactly what we did before I had the hotel spa’s signature ‘Singing Bowls Massage’.

This is a massage that is based on sound, with towels covering my body and copper bowls being strategically placed on different chakra areas (front and back) my masseur uses a felt mallet to gently hit the bowls, which then create a ringing sound that vibrates and absorbs into my body flowing through the different areas. The sounds have a restoring effect, bringing clarity, relaxation and new energy to the body – I emerged from this treatment in a blissful calm managing to float to a lounger outside to catch a few of the sun’s rays whilst waiting for hubby and his experience of the Pantai Luar where his body was covered in warm oil and then massaged with heated fragrant herb bundles wrapped in cloth creating a warm relaxing massage which triggered his bodies self repair mechanism, “an absolutely amazing treatment, like none I’ve ever experienced” – his words not mine.

Day 3 saw us heading into the remote hills where the 5* Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort is located. An ultra modern hotel with panoramic views on all sides and hosting the islands best golf courses as well as a spa that is simply breathtaking in its design.

Sheraton_Salobre_Golf_Resort_004The hotel itself has over 7 pools set out over 11 floors with the fete de accomplice being on the 11th floor and known to guest as the “Sunset” Pool “ an infinity pool with views over the landscape that simply takes your breath away.

The “Aloe Spa” has all of the very best amenities, including a sauna, steam room and oxygen room (the only one in Gran Canaria) – but it was the outdoor space that I loved here, with Balinese beds, perched precariously to get the best views, to the heated vitality pool that has a hydromassage area and bubbly beds, this is an ultimate haven of peace and tranquility where the rest of our day was spent enveloped within this seductive spa.

I was getting used to all this relaxation and pampering so the next day when my itinerary arrived and informed me that I was going to visit the ‘Get in Shape Pool Circuit’ at The Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel I started to panic, I don’t do fitness at the best of times, let alone in blazing hot sunshine – So it was with apprehension that we arrived at this hotel with swimming pools and bedrooms that that face the ocean, open decks, bars, and lounges all built into the cliff and with the most stunning views of the ocean.

The jewel in this hotel’s crown is its Thalasso centre, offering seawater mineral treatments, which are said to be good for skin, 621965_foto_11respiratory and arthritic complaints.

Apprehensively (well I was apprehensive, hubby wasn’t he likes a good workout) we made our way to the Thalasso, but how silly am I? The ‘Get in shape circuit`’ is nothing to do with fitness and all to do with that word again ‘Relaxation’ You follow the circuit of warm seawater round and within the different sections are hydro massage points each concentrating on a different part of your body, including neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calves etc. The water jets onto your body leaving each part feeling massaged and relaxed – pure heaven…………..if only all workouts were like this!

After such an energetic workout (who am I kidding!) it seemed only right to have a couple of final treatments, the first being an algae wrap which made me realize just how a turkey feels when we wrap it in foil – although I didn’t get eaten and my skin did feel wonderfully soft and silky followed by a massage which really was the icing on the cake.

There is no doubt you will leave Gran Canaria after a Spa and Wellness break with your mind and body feeling completely rejuvenated and revitalized, already planning when you can return again to this glorious wellness island!


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