7 Value Boosting Tips To Add Value To Your Home

No thanks to the pandemic, COVID–19, the global real estate sector has taken a big hit. Hence, it is pretty tough to sell a home, even if it is in Wirral.

So what can you do to increase your chances of selling your home quickly?

Well, you should increase the value of your Wirral home and do that you would need to follow the tips mentioned below –

Add a cellar to your home

According to renowned Wirral Lettings, a home with a cellar is often looked at as a bargain by buyers.

Now, if your home doesn’t have a cellar, you can always hire a contractor and ask the professional to build a cellar beneath your home. Bear this in mind; you might need to seek permission for this from the authorities first

Split the property into multiple flats

Here in England, it is popular to convert a home into multiple flats and it especially holds for Wirral homes.

Suppose the buyer wants to generate rental income from your property after buying, he wouldn’t need to make any changes as you have already converted your home into multiple flats.

Adding value to your property has never been so easy..

Don’t you agree?

You can always convert the garage into a living space

If your home has a parking space outside and also comes with a garage, convert the garage into a living space. It is also a great way to add more value to your property and increase its appeal factor in the eyes of the buyers.

Extending the kitchen with a side-return is also a good idea

What is a side return you ask?

Well, it is an alley that runs parallel to a kitchen. The width of the alley has to be narrow and goes really well with a Wirral home.

Furthermore, it increases the floor plan of the kitchen and a home with a large kitchen definitely has more value in the real estate market.

Converting the loft to add another bedroom goes a long way

Ask any renowned Wirral letting agent and they will readily tell you that an extra bedroom can add around 15 per cent value to a home, especially if the extra bedroom is created on a loft.

How about increasing the living space by adding a conservatory?

Adding a conservatory is a great way to merge the indoor space of your home with the outdoors. It has been proven time and again that adding a conservatory to a Wirral home adds around 10 per cent value to your home.

Add plants or trees in your property to increase its appeal (and value)

The above points all talked about making certain changes to your home that would either increase the floor space or the utility factor of the property. Adding plants or trees in the backyard or on the lawn of your property not only increases the appeal factor and value of the same but also cleanses the air surrounding your property.

This won’t go unnoticed by the buyer, hence it is definitely a great idea. The tips mentioned above will not only increase the value of your property but will also increase its appeal factor by many folds. Hence, be sure to implement them and for the best results, seek assistance from a renowned letting agent in Wirral.

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