7 Ways to Integrate Coffee in your Beauty Routine

Coffee is a popular beverage loved by many, but did you know it can also work wonders for your skin and hair? A lot of people spend money on luxurious beauty products, without knowing that they can achieve similar results with ground coffee. Natural products tend to get the job done better at a fraction of the price, coffee is very versatile and can be easily integrated into your beauty regime.

While we’re all stuck inside during lockdown, it’s a perfect time to experiment with a few DIY beauty coffee treatments. To help you turn your morning coffee into your beauty saviour, product expert at Coffee Direct, Casey Spencer, has shared the top benefits that coffee can bring to your beauty regimen.

1) Boost hair colour
If you’re a brunette, you can boost your hair colour with coffee grounds. Simply mix 240ml of coffee grounds with 240ml of water to create a paste and apply sparingly to damp and freshly shampooed hair. The coffee will add depth to your colour and leave it looking vibrant and fresh. This is due to the acidity of the coffee which also smooths the cuticle of your hair for extra shine.

2) Revive eyes
Many eye creams that claim to de-puff your eyes contain caffeine in theiringredients. The area under your eye is a lymphatic channel that drains poorly, the caffeine helps to remove any water from the channel. Through the aging process, the under-eye skin gets thinner which makes it easier to see the blood vessels. The vessel-constricting impact of coffee delivers visible results that last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3) Exfolian
Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant since they don’t dissolve in water. They are perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells. To make an exfoliating coffee scrub, mix 60ml of fresh coffee grounds, 60ml of brown sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Scrub the mixture into your skin every few days after a body wash and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

4) Foot soak
Coffee is an excellent way to cleanse the skin on your feet and leave them feeling soft. The coffee grounds remove the dead skin cells from the soles of your feet and the stimulating effects of caffeine can increase blood flow and circulation in the area. To make a foot bath, add 470ml of coffee grounds to 1 gallon of water and let them soak for 10-15 minutes, rinse feet, dry and moisturise, this treatment works well with warm or cool liquid.

5) Boost hair growth
Coffee increases circulation when it is absorbed into the scalp, this encourages growth by providing nutrients to follicles. Coffee suppresses DHT which is the hormone that causes hair loss! To create a treatment, mix 240ml of coffee grounds with 240ml of coconut water and massage directly onto the scalp and rinse thoroughly. The circular motion helps to increase hair growth and the coconut water contains vitamin B which strengthens strands to reduce breakage.

6) Soft lips
Chapped lips are most common in winter, but it is best to take care of them all year round. Coffee grounds can be mixed with coconut oil to create a nourishing lip mask. Mix and massage the 60ml of both ingredients lightly over the lips and remove with a damp washcloth. Coffee stimulates blood flow to the area so your lips will end up looking full of natural colour.

7) Brightening
Coffee wakes you up for the day ahead, and it can do the same for your skin! When applying your DIY coffee face mask, the stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow and help to remove the dead outer layer of the skin leaving you feeling radiant, bright, and revived. Make a paste by combining 240ml of coffee grounds and 240ml of milk, apply to your face and leave it on for 10-15minutes then wash your face with lukewarm water to discover your new glow.

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