A Complete Guide To MOT

Looking for an easy guide to know all about MOT? Continue reading, and get all the answers to
your MOT related questions!

What is an mot?
MOT or “Ministry of Transport” is an annual test that ensures a vehicle’s safety, exhaust emissions and roadworthiness aspects that are required by the government of UK. During the MOT, all the important parts of the vehicle are thoroughly checked to make sure that they’re meeting all the required legal standards.

When do I need to get an MOT test?
It has been advised by the experts to get your first MOT test done 3 years after the date of your registration. Please note, that the car then again needs to be retested every year on the anniversary of its last MOT.

How can I find out my MOT due date?
If you have forgotten your MOT date, that’s not a problem as well! You can log on to the Govt.uk site to know about your MOT status. Or find a local garage and enter your registration number along with your vehicle make on their website. This way you can check your MOT status in a matter of seconds and if required, book your MOT as well!
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Can I drive a vehicle without an MOT test?
Making sure that your car is MOT tested is a legal requirement. The only time you can drive without an MOT test is when you’re driving to get it done!

How long does an MOT test takes and what does it cover?
The MOT test takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Drivers can also stay with their vehicles and wait till the test ends.

The test covers all the electrical equipment, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, seats and seatbelts, exhausts and emissions, windscreen, wipers and mirrors.

If your vehicle clears the MOT test, you will be issued an MOT certificate that will have a date and will state that you have successfully passed the MOT test.

Can MOT be performed at home?
A complete and thorough MOT cannot be performed at home. However, here are a few checks that you can make to know that the following necessary car parts are working fine before taking the car to the garage:

1. Check brake fluid
2. Check warning lights
3. Check tyre tread
4. Ensure your engine has adequate oil
5. Check your windscreen
6. Get your vehicle cleaned
7. Make sure your lights are working

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