Adjusting Your Alignment

While it might sound a bit like having the tracking on your car sorted, what and who we ‘align’ ourselves to can have a big impact on many different areas of our life. For the purposes of this article alignment means ‘a position of agreement or alliance’ as defined by Google.

We might at New Year or the beginning of a new phase, make decisions that we will align ourselves to certain things, either specific values or goals and intentions, things we want to achieve, the way we want to live our life – but over time it’s easy for us to lose sight of some of those alignments.

WE can think of different areas of alignment, some to do with our values, ethics and morals and others to do with what we actually think or do but of course they do both connect and just like when the cars tracking is out of alignment you will notice if aspects of your own life are out of alignment.

Let’s imagine someone values peace and helping people, it would be pretty hard for them to work selling guns etc – a far-fetched example but hopefully you get the idea.

Many of us might have had times when we have started to do something or ‘signed up’ for something then felt that it didn’t feel right – probably because it wasn’t in alignment with our purpose. In fact, I would always say that listening to your intuition will tell you if a course of action is in alignment to your own personal vision and intentions.

Imagine if you are a person who thinks positivity is important then you will align yourself to positivity. But what does that mean in practical terms?  It starts with you choosing, consciously on a day by day – sometimes even moment by moment – basis to focus on what is positive. That doesn’t mean negative things won’t happen, and obviously you can acknowledge those but choose, rather than concentrating on them, to concentrate, through gratitude for example, on the positive. Which in practical terms means thinking about what’s positive, talking about what’s positive not allowing your thoughts or talk to fill with all the negative ‘stuff’


In many ways what you align yourself to is what you will attract – your alignment will have an impact on the ‘energy’ and vibration you give out and usually you will attract more of the same. So, if your desire is to align with positivity yet you spend all day concentrating on the negative ‘stuff’ then whatever your aim negativity is what you are aligning yourself to.

If you feel like somehow things have got a bit out of alignment in your own life then here are a few ideas to get yourself back on track.

Getting out into nature

Something about getting out into nature causes us all to pause a little and check where we are. Some times when near the ocean or surrounded by trees we may feel a sense of our own ‘insignificance’ and this can help us to adjust our alignment.


Using all your senses

Many people use grounding exercises to help with anxiety or other emotional ‘overwhelms’. It simply means using all your sense to ‘ground’ yourself. One popular exercise is to identify from wherever you are at the present moment 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 you can smell and 1 you can taste. You can change them around a bit, the important thing is to engage all the senses. This is a really helpful way to learn to be more ‘present’ as well.

Being Present

In lives which are very busy it can be easy to find we have no time for reflection or simply to ‘be’ as most of our lives are involved in ‘doing’. To create a bit more balance setting aside some time to be present – connected to the moment is not only good for our emotional well-being and a great way to reduce stress it can also help us check our alignment.

Learn to dwell in alignment

I’m using the word dwell to think about where we spend our time. If we want to live a life that is positive but spend a lot of our time surrounded by folk who are negative, or we take part ourselves in negative conversations, read stuff that makes us feel negative or persist in concentrating on the negative then surprise surprise, we’ll be aligning ourselves with negativity whether or not that was our intention. So, check out your intentions but then make a definite, clear decisions to ‘dwell’ in alignment with those intentions.

Wherever you find yourself in life at the moment keep in mind that living in alignment to your values and purpose will make for a happier more fulfilled life.

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