Summer is undeniably here and business  is really hotting up! Holiday season can be my busiest time of the year with clients showing (a lot) more skin than usual and wanting to get more groomed, glowy and beautified. Preparations from lash lifts to gel nails (and all the bits in-between) are in full swing.

Summer Sizzlers to get you holiday ready and bikini confident:

Holiday preparation almost always includes waxing; legs, underarms etc.  But my most popular summer holiday treatment has to be intimate waxing. Advanced bikini waxes are made for bikini season and leave the skin feeling super-soft, smooth and hair free for up to a month. These days we have become more adventurous with our downstairs de-fluffing requirements and treatments have advanced beyond the simple tidy-up bikini wax to specialist services like the Hollywood and Brazilian landing strip, removing pubic hair is fast becoming the norm. Most salons offer waxing but not all of them do it well. Intimate waxing shouldn’t be intimidating, and you’ll want to find a therapist who’s had specific training. I was trained by The Beauty Guru Sam Marshall who specialises in intimate waxing, as well as working with the beauty industries leading mentors and brands. We only use hot wax for intimate waxing, it’s a thick wax which is applied with disposable spatulas and removed using a finger to pull off the wax. Hot wax only grips the hair and not the skin so it’s excellent for sensitive areas. Like all waxing, it is uncomfortable but the treatment is very quick. And the more often you have it done the less painful it becomes, and the more you have it done the more hair-free weeks you will have.

Next we move onto lashes. Lashes are now officially part of today’s essential beauty regime. Pinterest one of the world’s largest websites, has declared lashes as the front runner of this year’s beauty trends. My favourite lash treatment has to be LVL by Nouveau Lashes, this lash lifting treatment loved by journalists, influencers and celebrities worldwide, allows you to enhance your natural eyelashes, creating the appearance of added length, volume and lift, without mascara or extensions. Perfect for spending time by the pool with your summer cocktail in hand.  The treatment takes just 45 minutes with instant effect and can last up to 8 weeks.  Love Island, love it or hate it has had many of us glued to our TV’s, it’s definitely my guilty pleasure and one of my favourite moments has to be Dani blow drying her lashes for extra curl. She obviously didn’t get the memo about LVL!

Fiona Quinn, owner of Dollyblue Beauty and Advanced Skincare, is a Beauty Therapist, Educator and Obsessed Skincare Nerd who shares the latest beauty industry tips, products and updates with us each month.