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Now the schools are broken up it means one thing – summer holidays! And nothing says a proper British summer holiday quite like a big ice-cream, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite places to enjoy a frozen treat.

A Trio of Knickerbocker Glories at Roast

Roast restaurant in Borough Market is bringing a taste of the seaside to London this summer with a trio of delicious knickerbocker glories. All priced at £8.50, there is a flavour to suit all tastes, starting with the quintessentially BritishStrawberry Eton Mess, layering vanilla ice-cream with crushed meringue, fresh strawberries macerated in Chambord and soft whipped cream. Next up there is a zesty Lemon Shortbread number, combining lemon and vanilla ice creams with lemon curd and crunchy shortbread, all topped off with glazed marshmallow. Finally there is an indulgent Chocolate and Caramel knickerbocker glory with layers of squidgy chocolate brownie, white chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

WhoopseySplunker at Paul Ainsworth’s, Rojano’s in the Square

Inspired by their Cornish surroundings, the soft serve ice cream at Rojano’s in the Square is served alongside homemade ‘pick and mix style’ toppings featuring ingredients from around the region. The dessert is made within a Carpigiani soft serve machine which is the same model used in traditional “Mr Whippy” ice-cream vans ensuring authenticity of flavour and texture. The ice cream is made with generous dose of Cornish milk and a splash of Cornish yoghurt to provide acidity. It is then flavoured with a healthy dollop of Madagascan vanilla and a small amount of Padstow coffee bean which gives a depth of flavour that cuts through the sweetness. The ice cream texture is enhanced with a hint of caramelised butter and soft brown sugar which is heated over a flame, before being churned.

1 person £6.50 | for 2 people £11.00

Jude’s Ice Cream & Desserts Cookbook 

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet! Well, it was. Ahead of the temperatures rocketing towards the thirties, Jude’s has launched Jude’s Ice Cream and Desserts book filled to the brim with lots of amazing recipes so desserts need never be dull again! Included in the book is the Stacked Ice Cream cheesecake, an easy, yes impressive recipe with layers of beautiful colours, as well as the Summer Peach Sorbet, with three ingredients and the sweet taste of fresh peaches taking centre stage.

Warm Brioche Salted Caramel Gelato Sandwich at Hai Cenato

Head down to Jason Atherton’s family-friendly Italian restaurant Hai Cenato, in the heart of Victoria’s NOVA development, to enjoy this delicious warm brioche, salted caramel gelato sandwich, priced at £8.50.

Soft-Serve Gelato at Fiume

No-one does ice-cream quite like the Italians and chef Francesco Mazzei’s soft serve at Fiume is the crème de la crème. The soft and creamy gelato is a steal at £3 a dish, served with a range of toppings at an additional 50p including fruit, nuts and chocolate. Flavours will alternate between hazelnut, pistachio, vanilla and chocolate.

The Den at St Martins Lane Hotel with Veuve Clicquot and Ruby Violet Ice Cream

St Martins Lane hotel have transformed The Den and its outdoor terrace into a tropical jungle oasis in partnership with Veuve Clicquot’s much-loved Yellow Label and artisan ice cream creators Ruby Violet. Launched on Monday 20 May, the hotel has become a palm-filled, sunny paradise in the heart of Covent Garden. For a refreshing drink, Veuve Clicquot will be served by the glass and by the bottle, the perfect accompaniment to ice cream from London-based producers Ruby Violet. A freezer on the terrace serves personal tubs of flavours such as Salted Caramel with almond nut brittleMatchaand Italian Lemon sorbet.

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