Bubbles in Pink

“Bubbles, perfect for drinking anytime, make it Rose, put it on ice and enjoy”

A delicate salmon colour with an abundance of fine bubbles. Chardonnay brings freshness and finesse, whilst the Pinots add the classic red fruits for which England is so acclaimed. A raspberry and redcurrant nose carries through to a fresh fruit-driven palate.

£35, www.ridgeview.co.uk

Barefoot Bubbly Moscato

Deliciously sweet, featuring flavours of fresh berries, juicy cherries, red apples, and other subtler notes such as orange. Pairing perfectly with mild cheese like halloumi, as well as fruity sorbets and cheesecake.

£7.99, www.barefootwine.co.uk

Freixenet Italian Rose

Presented in a striking cut-glass bottle, Freixenet Italian Rosé blends superior quality with stunning beauty.  A delicate blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, carefully selected from the finest Italian vineyards. Light and effervescent, with notes of red berries and underlying hints of white flowers and apples.

£12, Tesco

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