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How to Reverse the Effects of Sun Damage on the Skin

We caught up with Skincare aesthetics expert Dr Ahmed El Muntasar, who  runs an aesthetics practice in Mayfair London, Manchester and Cheshire, He is the UK’s most followed aesthetics doctor (over 675k followers on Instagram), and is also a NHS GP. Our relationship with the sun is complex; it’s like that on/off romantic relationship all…

Fight or Flight Got You Feeling Fraught? 5 Tips to Master Your Anxiety Naturally

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, 84.9% of UK adults have reported they’ve felt stressed or anxious as a result of the pandemic. It’s therefore unsurprising that there has been an 10-15% increase in anti-anxiety prescriptions since the UK entered its first lockdown. We live in a time when manufactured medicines prevail and prescriptions for potentially addictive medications, such as…