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Lauderdale by the Sea

A little piece of Floridian Heaven Picture a small tranquil Floridian town, bathed in sunshine, andone, whichsimply oozes with thatlaid back lifestyle found in the Caribbean. Imagine gently swaying palm trees, a town square furnishedwith pastel coloured wooden benches, comfortable seats and parasols; the place where locals and visitors gather to ‘chill’ and chat,or a...

New Ship in the Amazon

Audley Travel is delighted to offer clients access to Delfin III, a ship that offers an immersive rainforest experience whilst travelling in luxurious surroundings. Sailings on the ship fit perfectly into several of Audley's Peruvian sample itineraries, which combine the land-based highlights of the country with a water-based adventure on the Amazon. A new flight...

Discover Venice at night with the Codega Experience with Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice

Perfectly located steps from St Mark’s Square, Baglioni Hotel Luna is launching a brand new and exclusive tour, called Codega Experience. The “Codega” – a Venetian word derived by the ancient Greek word ‘odegos’ which means ‘guide’ – was a professional guide and protector with perfect knowledge of the intricate maze of narrow streets and squares of Venice. He...