Five Reasons to Become a Psychologist

If you’re looking for a rewarding and interesting career with good job and pay prospects, you might want to consider becoming a psychologist. Here are five reasons why a career as a psychologist could be right for you.

1. Good job opportunities

Psychology degrees are very popular but not all graduates go on to become practising psychologists. To register as a chartered psychologist it’s essential to undertake postgraduate study in a chosen specialist area, such as counselling, clinical, educational, health, forensic, or occupational psychology.

Just 28.1% of psychology graduatesgo on to do further study, and only a proportion of those that do continue their education complete enough study to qualify as a practising psychologist. You can expect to be in high demand once you qualify as a psychologist, so if you want a career with good job prospects, it’s a great field to go into.

2. Excellent pay

Since psychologists are in high demand, they’re rewarded with great rates of pay. The average psychologist salary in the UK is £61,693, which is significantly higher than the national average salary. Psychologists can expect their pay to increase as they gain experience and develop their expertise. Six-figure salaries are attainable for those with specialist knowledge.

3. Job satisfaction

If you’re looking for a career that involves helping people and making society a better place, psychology is an excellent choice. Psychologists work with individuals, teams and organisations with the goal of making positive changes to human behaviour. It can be incredibly rewarding for psychologists to see the positive impact of their psychological interventions on the individuals and groups they work with.

If you want a job that involves lots of social interaction and connection with other people, becoming a psychologist will definitely bring you job satisfaction.

4. Better understanding of self and others

Psychology is the study of our behaviour.It explores how humans think, feel, act and react, and aims to understand what drives us to do the things we do. When you become a psychologist you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you. This can help you identify and improve your own unhealthy behaviours and have an easier time understanding and communicating with other people. You might find it easier to build and maintain relationships after becoming a psychologist.

5. Lots of variety and challenge

No two days are ever quite the same when you work closely with people. Psychologist jobs offer lots of variety in this respect, which is ideal for those who enjoy the unexpected and appreciate a challenge. Depending on the area of psychology you specialise in, you might be faced with moments of conflict or tasked with supporting people who are in heightened emotional states. If you love solving problems and can keep your cool in tense situations, you could thrive in a career as a psychologist.

Are you ready to become a psychologist?

It’s clear there are many benefits to a psychology career, so if you’re looking for fulfilling work with great benefits, consider training to be a psychologist.