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How to Choose the Right Wall Art for the Brighter Seasons

As the evenings get lighter and the weather gets warmer, households across the country are gearing up for brighter weather and better times. When it’s time to gather safely with family and friends in each other’s homes, you’ll want to make sure that your interiors are looking their best!

When it comes to wall art, there’s a lot to consider when creating stylish gallery walls and adding complementary pieces. You’ll want to consider size, placement, colour, style, and framing – the list really does go on!

As one of the leading online wall art brands in the UK, Desenio knows a thing or two about choosing the right prints to create the perfect gallery wall, ensuring they bring personality and style to your space.

Here are Desenio’s top tips on how to choose the best prints for your home during spring and summer:
1.Pick wall art that will complement the vibe and colour scheme you are going for. Working with a plain wall that’s painted a neutral colour will help your prints take centre-stage. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colours with softer, neutral tones for a stylish and balanced result.

This season is all about juxtapositions, so positioning bright, tangy oranges and yellows with soft sage and peaches will make your room feel on-trend and current.

To find the prints that work well together, use Desenio’s new online Gallery Wall tool which has been designed to help shoppers choose the right prints for their homes online.

2. Choose photo frames that match and coordinate with your furniture for a well thought out, sleek look. Black frames against a white, or light-coloured wall is a classy look if you’re going for a timeless and minimal look.

Alternatively, if you have darker walls or want to feature nature-inspired prints, adding oak frames instantly adds a more rustic, organic finish. Make sure to implement other woods to the room including pine, oak or walnut to give your room some warmth.

3. Where you position your art is key. Always hang the centre of your gallery wall around 1.5 metres above the floor.

Positioning your art near a window is an easy way to showcase them using natural light. As we enter the brighter months, we’ll no doubt have glorious sunshine peeking through our windows, and there really isn’t anything more beautiful than a brightly lit gallery wall taking centre stage in the home.

4. Finally, choose wall art that reflects your personality and makes you feel happy! Art has a huge impact on your mood, so tune into how certain prints make you feel.

For more information and to view all of Desenio’s collections visit here.