Keep Your Energy Levels Soaring

With the clocks going forward at the end of this month (March), although the days will be getting longer and lighter, we will be losing that one extra hour of shut eye. There are however, things we can do- besides shuteye- to conserve our energy in these upcoming few days. We have gathered some of the best tips to make sure you are preserving your energy, and great ways to boost it too!


As the weather starts to get a bit warmer and the days become a bit lighter, there is no better time to pull on your gym gear and head outside for a little work out. Although it may feel like it is sucking the life out of you after a heavy weekend, exercise is a brilliant way to conserve and boost energy levels. This is because it has a knock on effect; the harder you work out, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep and therefore, saving you more energy! Don’t feel confident enough to work out outside or at the gym yet? Try online workouts from the comfort of your own home!


It may seem obvious, but a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet will do wonders for your energy levels.  Try and steer clear of processed foods that are high in sugar and fat- this doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on the calories though. Instead, try gaining your calories from healthy, nutritious foods that will provide you with essential nutrients and see your energy levels soar.

Eat Oats!

Oats are somewhat of a super food, and whilst a lot of people will associate oats with porridge and run the other way, they are in fact very versatile and can be whisked up into any tasty treat that takes your fancy. Oats break down in your body to become energy, and are released very slowly. This means they are giving you energy that lasts!  Don’t have the time to come up with different ways to eat your oats? Nairn’s have got you covered. With a passion for oats, Nairn’s have a vast range of oat-based products- why not try their new Gluten Free Oaties (Waitrose £1.50, They have 45% less sugar than other gluten free biscuits, and are syrupy, crumbly and delicious with a nice cup of tea to warm you up! Biscuits and tea not really your thing? Visit the Nairn’s website for exciting recipes and inventive ways to use your oats.

Reduce Stress

When you are feeling stressed, you might find that you are finding it hard to concentrate and have difficulty switching off. Whilst it is nearly impossible to reduce 100% of the stress from your life, start by reducing lifestyle stress by taking some time for yourself to relax. The UK’s Leading Burnout Coach Rosie Millen aka ‘Miss Nutritionist’ comments on this explaining: “Have a breather where you can – even just for 5 minutes or taking your full hour lunch break and stepping outside – or even better – plan a trip away to escape the never ending demands! The best way to do this is to block out time in the diary to actually do this AND do it with someone else so they are accountable for you doing it! For example, block 2 hours off on the next coming Sunday to go for a massage or a long walk in the park with a friend. As soon as you meet both of you turn off your phones for the following 2 hours and make an effort to switch off. It will seem hard but so easy and refreshing when you’ve done it once.”

Go Wild!

Whether this be meeting up with an old friend for dinner, or heading on a big night out, go wild! You will feel considerably more energised having gone out and done something rather than just hiding inside!


Finally, look after yourself.  Take all of these points into consideration in the next upcoming months and make sure you are looking after number one.

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