Learning Not to Settle

The word settle has a couple of different meanings – paying a debt or due OR reaching an agreement of some sort. I’m referring to the latter but with a very specific content in mind namely the agreements we reach with ourselves.

I started thinking about this after I read a particular quote ‘You get what you settle for!’

It leapt off the page at me as it seemed so very true. I’ve often talked before about mindset and I straight away saw this quote in the context of our mindsets. You see we so often settle for what we

think we deserve but our view can be distorted.

Many of us, as we have gone through life gather unhelpful mindsets – two very common ones are that we deserve what we get (especially if it is negative) and we are limited in what we can change.

Obviously, we’ll have to talk in a generalised way but the fact is that every single person deserves happiness.

If we accept that, and if I’m honest that is often something that people have to do quite a bit of work on before they can honestly say they believe it, it can be life changing. Sadly, some people may have had all sorts of, often unhelpful ideas, given to them about what they do and don’t deserve or what they can expect from life. Of course, it doesn’t mean you will be happy all of the time, life can be unfair, challenging and difficult but if we can believe that we deserve to be happy that is a good start.

So, our underlying, subconscious mindsets exert a powerful influence on our lives and if any aspect of our lives is not as we wish then taking time to examine and in some ways unearth (the problem is