Learning to Start Right

In lots of areas of life the way we start has a bearing on how successful we will be. Think about a race, athletes have blocks to help them get off to a good start, other sports men and women may think carefully about what they eat before a match or event to maximise performance and they all give time to training. People ‘warm up’ before singing or performing, and even before an important meeting some people will ‘prep’ themselves, reading or researching, choosing clothes carefully and maybe having certain rituals that help them get into the right mental mood for success or peak performance.

The point is that many of us would do the same when we see an event as big or important. But in fact each day is a new fresh opportunity to do what you want in life and take steps towards having the life you want. Perhaps if we re-frame how we see each day we can look back and see we have indeed made a fresh start or a change in direction.

‘With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts’

Eleanor Roosevelt

See Each Day as a Gift

It is very easy in our busy lives to take life itself for granted. But as none of us know what lies ahead each new day is a gift. If we are healthy and feel well even more so. If we have people we love and our basic needs met then we have a lot to be grateful for and excited about. If we haven’t then it is definitely time to see a new day as a chance to change things. Once we start appreciating what we have and seeing life as a gift then often it opens us up to the possibilites of what we might achieve. In essence it is easier then to be active NOT passive. To see ourselves as in charge of large chunks of our own destiny.

Take Time to Prepare

Reading the biography of any one of a number of successful business people or  entrepreuneurs one of the similarities is that they often have rituals to start their day.  They will make time for some exercise, meditation or mindfulness and make sure they have a healthy breakfast.

The kind of things an athlete might do! When I talk to people about this in coaching or training they are often quick to say they haven’t time to do that – but actually we all have the same amount of time. It may mean getting up earlier – or going to bed earlier the night before but you will reap the benefits if you  approach each  day in the right way. After all we tend always to prepare for something important and what could be more imprtant than the first day of the rest of your life.

Be Honest About Where You Are

There are a lot of people who drift through life not being very happy, somehow thinking one day things will change. Well they might but they are much more likely to change if you do something about it. Take a look at your life, what are you happy about and what makes life difficult for you. I acknowledge there may be responsibilities that are hard to change but with most people there are a lot of things that can be changed but you need an ‘active’ mentality. There may be consequences from past decisions to be dealt with but simply being unhappy and waiting for it to change is letting your life, your one and only life drift by. See life as a journey, decide where you want to get to by the end of the week, month or year and take a step towards it.

Attitude AND Action

Having the right mind-set or attitude is crucial to your wellbeing, success or happiness. The beliefs you hold, whether conscious or subconscious will have an impact on what you do. If you think your mind-set is holding you back then join us for a Mind Design day in February by following this link:


Having the right mind-set will mean you are more open to possibilities and ideas but of course as the old saying goes ‘ideas don’t work unless we do’. Are there things you want to do? Places you want to go? Things you want to learn? Experiences you want to have? Well start making steps to achieving those things by actually doing something about it.

Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Think about a sprinter in the starting blocks – imagine what they feel. Probably a range of emotions, excitement, apprehension, or maybe they wish they had trained harder. Sometimes they may feel afraid, of failure or of not doing their best, even of injury but they overcome those and start anyway, even if there is a false start they go back and try again. Unlike the sprinter we won’t get disqualified for a false start we can simply try again and keep doing that until we make progress. So whether it is fear, lack of motivation, negativity, or even laziness the choice is yours. You CAN have a fresh start, and it CAN start right now.