Nordic Winter Adventures with 62°NORD

As the world seems to accelerate at a never-ending pace, the search for immersive and authentic adventures becomes ever more important. Keeping this in mind, 62ºNORD, a leading experiential travel company, has designed a series of highly personalisable, world-class winter adventures on the North West coast of Norway.

The Sunnmøre region is located in the southernmost district of north western Norway, renowned for its pristine nature, beautiful fjords, remote villages, spectacular waterfalls, vast glaciers and varied wildlife. Easily accessible, it is home to two airports, making it a perfect option for those looking for an off-the-beaten track winter adventure, without having to venture too far to experience it. With a collection of boats, helicopters and expert local guides, the team is able to design bespoke itineraries to create once in a life-time adventures. 

Fjord Cruises

In fjordland, the shortest way is often the seaway. From Ålesund, your first option is to gently coast into the scenic Storfjord and then navigate through what many Norwegians consider to be the country’s most beautiful fjord of all, Hjørundfjord, through to the historic Hotel Union Øye.

Alternatively, sail in sight of the wild western ocean, all the way to the sheer black walls and countless gushing waterfalls of the Geiranger fjord, one of the deepest fjords in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ski Touring

In the Norwegian winter, the skies unveil themselves and the slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps transform into a playground for adventure seekers to practise their craft in the world’s most spectacular winter wonderland.

62°NORD has created a ski adventure, Ski the Fjords, that allows an intimate pace to experience unmatched mythical beauty carved out by the rhythms of the season.  For those who prefer a ski resort, Strandafjellet is the perfect ski destination suitable for the whole family, with 7 lifts and 17 slopes in various difficulty levels, children’s facilities, terrain park and Scandinavia’s best off-piste opportunities.

Arctic Lavvo

Experience nature at its most beautiful with a polar evening in an arctic lavvo. Norwegians come alive out in nature and it is only fitting to ‘rug-up’ and experience the crisp fresh air in one of the most beautiful valleys in Scandinavia.

Listen to the fire crackle as the waterfalls cascade in the distance and the steam rises off of your traditional ‘Gløgg’ prepared on the open fire.

Winter Kayaking

For something different, join a paddling trip in idyllic winter surroundings. There is something special about gliding silently over the water, propelled forward by strength and technique, with a rare closeness to the water.

Sunnmøre’s fjords offer protection from the Atlantic between mountains and forests for a daytime adventure in the winter light, or under a starry sky.


All itineraries are tailormade. For more information visit