Saving Money By Booking Timely MOTs

Many car owners consider an MOT to be something of an inconvenience. Especially for motorists who have an extended warranty on their car or who purchased a servicing package with their car when they first bought it, the idea of an annual MOT might seem like it is not needed. However, MOTs – which are compulsory every year after a vehicle passes its third birthday – constitute more than the state meddling in motorist’s affairs. They are there to ensure you are safer by making sure that other road users’ vehicles are in good condition, after all. In addition, having your MOT booked and conducted properly could save you money.

Firstly, you should shop around to save money when booking an MOT. Not every MOT centre charges the same fees. You can schedule a car MOT in London from Elite Directat the best local prices, for example. What’s more, you will be able to book your MOT at a time that suits you, so you don’t waste time and money going back and forth to the test centre only to find your car is still waiting to be seen. If you rely on your car for work, then knowing it will be off the road for the minimum amount of time is beneficial from a financial point of view.

Secondly, booking an MOT means being able to deal with any minor issue that might crop up promptly. If you have tyres that are ageing, for example, then you may well pass your MOT but this will still come up on the report. By knowing it is time to change them for new ones, you will avoid potential fines and – even worse – the possibility of having an accident when you are not properly insured due to the defect. The same goes for other problems that might be picked up early, such as softening brake pads and even worn down windscreen wiper blades.

Of course, dealing with a mechanical fault sooner rather than later is something that will help to save plenty of money. During an MOT, you might find there is an issue with the fuel intake, the level of exhaust fumes or even a problem with your clutch. Any of these problems can be sorted out, of course. It is simply that an earlier diagnosis of such faults will mean they are simpler to repair with fewer replacement parts needed. In this sense, your MOT should support your usual servicing regime by acting in a preventative maintenance way.

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