The Whispering Angel Terrace

STK Stratford have unveiled their enchanting Summer Terrace in collaboration with Whispering Angel, a sophisticated addition to the already renowned STK Rooftop & Bar. 

Perched atop The Gantry, the Summer Terrace offers an idyllic escape with panoramic views stretching from East Village to Canary Wharf. The collaboration with Whispering Angel brings an extra touch of elegance, ensuring guests experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. The terrace is adorned with chic, stylish decor that perfectly complements the vibrant yet refined ambiance of STK Stratford. 

Guests will be delighted by the specially crafted Whispering Angel cocktails, showcasing the world-famous rosé from Château d’Esclans.

The exclusive drink menu is a testament to sophisticated indulgence, featuring: 

ANGEL’S FLUTE: A delightful blend of Volcan de mi Tierra Blanco, cranberry, lime, Whispering Angel, Belvedere Pure, and orange, creating a refreshing and tantalizing sip. 

PEACH ANGEL SPRITZ: A refreshing fusion of WA Rose, Chandon Spritz, and luscious peach and orange cordials, topped with a splash of soda for a sparkling finish. This vibrant cocktail is the perfect companion for a sunlit afternoon, offering a harmonious blend of fruity and effervescent notes. 

WHISPERING SUNSET: A harmonious blend of WA Rose, luscious peach and orange cordials, and a touch of Hennessy VS. This elegant cocktail offers a captivating medley of floral, fruity, and rich notes, perfect for a serene evening unwind. 

Complementing these exquisite beverages, guests can savor a curated selection of STK’s signature small plates, designed to tantalize the taste buds and enhance the overall experience. Indulge in: 

  • Lil BRG & Fries: Classic mini burgers served with crispy fries. 
  • Giant Wagyu Meatball: A succulent, flavourful delight.                                                    
  • Short Rib Quesadilla: Rich, savoury, and perfect for sharing.                                       
  • STK & Frites: Signature steak and fries dish.                                                                   
  • Tuna Tartare Taco: Fresh and zesty with a gourmet twist.                                         
  • Crispy Chicken Bites: Irresistibly crunchy and tender.                                           
  • Crispy Calamari: Lightly fried and perfectly seasoned.                                                        
  • Jalapeño Pickled Shrimp: A spicy, tangy treat that’s sure to please. 

STK Stratford provides a chic and contemporary setting that is perfect for the new Whispering Angel Terrace. This summer, the collaboration promises to become a favoruite destination for guests looking to savour stunning views, exceptional drinks, and delectable food in an elegant atmosphere. 

Whether you’re planning a romantic date night under the stars or looking to unwind with colleagues after a long day at work, the Whispering Angel Summer Terrace offers the ideal backdrop. Enjoy an intimate evening with your special someone, sharing cocktails and small plates as the sun sets over the city. Or gather with friends and co-workers for after-work drinks, celebrating the end of the day with style and sophistication. 

For more information, visit STK Stratford.