Top Advantages of a Wall Mounted Hair Blow Dryer

It’s no longer a luxury to have a wall mounted hair dryer. Back in the days, the hair dryer wasn’t common outside of the hair salons. Then, you could not see a high-quality hair dryer at the market, except you were ready to part with a huge amount of money for it.

A wall mounted hair dryer has become a common thing that anyone can purchase in the stores. Today, you will see the advantages of a wall-mounted hair dryer in this post.

Advantages of A Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Any standard salon must have a quality wall mounted dryer because it’s a considerable investment to their business. But many people think purchasing a wall-mounted hair dryer is not a good idea. Their reason for this is that a wall-mounted hair dryer cannot be easily moved from one room to another.

While some people don’t buy the idea of a wall mounted dryer since they can’t carry it about when traveling. Nonetheless, there are a lot of benefits to owning a wall mount blow dryer which we will be looking into below:

Your Safety Is Guaranteed

When you mount a wall dryer, you will rest assured that it’s safe and positioned even when you are not around. Although everyone doesn’t like a wall dryer, it’s good to be safe and keep everyone in the home safe.
Anyone can use a mounted wall dryer with peace of mind. This is because it’s out of place for water to get into it, damage it, or harm anyone.

You Won’t Misplace or Lose Your Hair Dryer Again

You may think it’s impossible to misplace a hair dryer, but the truth is that it happens. You shouldn’t wait to start misplacing your hair dryer before you choose a wall mounted hair one.
Purchase a wall hair dryer instead of a hand hair dryer and you will always be certain of where your hair dryer is. Besides this, someone pays you a visit you and needs to dry their hair, they will know exactly where to find it.

Light and Compact

Wall mounted hair dryers are always light and compact. They won’t damage your wall and any other property when you mount them. At times they are lighter and smaller too. This advantage is essential because a compact wall hair dryer must fit the place you want it to hang on.

It Saves Space

If you have limited space in your home, opting for a wall mounted hair dryer is always the best choice. When you mount a wall hair dryer, you save yourself space to use for other things. It can also help keep your home more organized and appealing to the eyes as you don’t have to think about where to store your dryer.

It’s not stressful to use

Drying the hair could be stressful if you use a hand dryer. What’s more, some hand dryers are not light neither are they compact. This means using them can be tedious and stressful especially when used for long period.
However, a wall mounted hair dryer helps to eradicate this problem. It will save your hands the stress of drying your hair with hand dryer as all you have to do is to quickly have your hair dry your hair at your pace in a comfortable position.

Choosing the Right Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

If you don’t know how to pick the best wall mounted hair dryer, you may end up buying the wrong one that won’t offer all the benefits that come with it.
So, here is what you should consider before investing in a wall hair dryer;


First, you must ensure that the strength of the hair dryer is adequate for your hair type. That is the Watt of the hair dryer. For example, if you have weak or thin hair, you would not need a hair dryer with too much power. However, if you have bulky and tough hair, you will want something with more power.

Dryer Technology

The technology used in the hair dryer is another crucial feature that must be considered when you want to buy a hair dryer. If you are interested in the overall health of your hair, this aspect is essential. There are technologies like keratin coating, infrared heat, and ionic technology all of which you need to understand before you make a purchase. Find one that has features that you want and go for it.


The design, weight, and the feel of the hair dryer are as beneficial as other features and aspects. You are going to be mounting the dryer in your home so you want one that has a great design and is not too heavy. You don’t want something that worsens the décor of your home but one that enhances it.
There are tons of options on the market for various design needs. You will certainly find an option that suits you.

Wire Length

This is often ignored but can make a lot of difference. It’s also crucial for you to look at the length of the wire as well. This will make you and other people move freely where it is mounted without an issue. If the wire is too short, it may be very inconveniencing to use.


This is also another important factor you need to look into when purchasing anything and a wall-mounted dryer is not excluded. You want to go with an option that aligns with your budget without compromising quality. However, also remember that cheaper does not mean it is perfect. Still, price should be a major factor to consider.


Buying a wall-mounted dryer is easy if you know what to look for. We have shown you the benefits and some of the most important features to help you make a great choice.

There are tons of options on the market today and this article can act as a guide to help you pick the ideal option for your needs.

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