Tyre Care: Is it Really Worth the Trouble?

If you own a car, there is a fair chance you must have come across a term called “Tyre Care”. Now we all know that regular car maintenance can do wonders but the real question is: it takes time and effort and is it really worth the fuss?

Making sure your car performs well on a busy road is a task itself. You always tend to look for repairing major parts attached to your car like the engine, battery , exhaust and fuel tank, which is a clever act. However even if these parts are fit to be driven and you still experience mishaps along your drive such as tyre puncture, then it means you are neglecting proper tyre monitoring.

Having said it all, if you really want overall car performance worthwhile then make a habit of monitoring your tyres on a regular basis. Continuing to drive on bad tyres is a hazard and it will adversely affect your car’s performance as well.


Always Avoid driving on Potholes

We often tend to roll our tyres on potholes and road debris expecting that it might not damage the tyre quality. However, if you are used to driving at a high speed and you come across a road bump or a pothole then your tyres will be damaged in a bad way ! This can also cause your tyres to burst in some cases leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Hence always avoid driving over potholes and road bumps so that your tyre quality does not suffer.


Correct Wheel Alignment & Tyre Fitting

It is very important to note that regularly checking proper wheel alignment is mandatory. As cars having aligned wheels will give you less road trouble then those that are not correctly aligned. If your wheels are not aligned in a symmetry that will cause your car to drift in a wrong direction causing you to lose control over your car. This can be dangerous if you are driving at a higher speed. Hence making sure you have correctly aligned wheels you should take help from a reliable tyre garage near you. Localities in Yorkshire have many places to go to for new tyre replacements. But a good approach is to focus on customer reviews so you have an idea what to expect. Talking about local areas, if you are somewhere in Pontefract, you can make a booking online. One such place to consult forgetting the right type oftyres in Pontefract is from Ossett Tyre House- call them here 1924271081.


Check Tyres for proper pressure

Having balanced air pressure in the tyres will help you avoid any underinflation or overinflation of tyres. If your tyres are accidently overinflated , they might burst if encountered with a road bump at a high speed. Hence those who tend to keep themselves safe by pumping extra air pressure need to be careful too! On the other hand less tyre pressure will cause your tyre quality to suffer weakening the tread of the tyre and quality all over.

We conclude that having a regular check on the tyres is as important as checking your engine, fuel or even exhausts.

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