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W London Hotel Launches a New Type of Wellness Stay with Roxie Nafousi

W London, the Soho hotspot, is stepping into spring with the launch of The Intentions Stay. Immerse yourself in a 360-experience throughout the hotel, designed to inspire a new sense of self-discovery and rejuvenation and featuring products by best-selling Sunday Times author Roxie Nafousi.

Launching on Tuesday 19th March at the start of Spring, Roxie Nafousi –manifesting expert and self-development coach, has carefully chosen a selection of her sell-out products for each guest stay. Continue the wellness journey and set your intentions at the AWAY Spa with a program of breathwork sessions and meditation classes from Jamie Clements (The Breath Space), author Ciara McGinley and bestselling author and creator of the hugely popular TED talk Roger Frampton. Finally, at the Perception Bar, try DIRTEA feel-good drinks or order from the Digi-valet from the comfort of your own room for a healthy re-set.

Inspired by mindfulness, Roxie’s products will add a unique touch to W London’s Intentions Stay, making them the perfect tools to enhance the overall wellbeing of guests. With a background in psychology and a deep understanding of mindfulness practices, each of the products will play an important role. The Mantra Cards –a set of 52 affirmation designed to change your mindset will raise your vibration and increase self-esteem. The Manifest Deck –a beautifully designed set of 52 cards with key quotes, learnings and reminders from Roxie’s best-selling book: MANIFEST: 7 Steps To Living

Your Best Life and The Journal –a 12-week journaling programme with self-reflection exercises, daily pages and weekly reviews which each guest can take home.

Begin a transformative journey at the AWAY Spa, a hidden oasis within the hustle and bustle of Soho, where an exclusive programme will help refresh and rejuvenate. Jamie Clements, breathwork specialist and founder of The Breath Space, will conduct breathwork sessions designed to uplift mood, reduce blood pressure, and enhance relaxation.

Ciara McGinely will be joining Jamie, a London-based freelance writer, editor, and meditation practitioner, guiding meditation sessions on her platform, Finding Quiet. Ciara will bring her expertise to W London, leading sessions encompassing introduction, grounding, visualisation, and reflection exercises.

W London’s Roger Frampton, renowned TED speaker, Mobility Coach, and bestselling Author, will lead sessions demonstrating effective stretches and movements for relieving joint pain and enhancing long-term mobility. Together, Ciara, Roger and Jamie will hold classes at the AWAY Spa and offer in-room videos for peace-seekers seeking tranquillity from the comfort of their room.

The integration of the Intentions Stay throughout the entire hotel ensures that guests can immerse themselves in a holistic and transformative escape, embracing well-being at every turn. The Away Spa will offer specially designed treatments to enhance the Intentions Stay concept, including their signature Essentials 60-minute De-Stress Massage and Express Facial. Furthermore, looking to re-charge can head to the Perception Bar for a limited-edition menu in collaboration with DIRTEA, featuring their new Matcha Super Blend. The blend helps guests to feel more energised and will help feed into setting great intentions. The menu will also be available in-room.

Collin ten Dam, Hotel Manager at W London says, “Here at W London, we’re always looking for new ways we can offer our guests bespoke experiences. The Intentions Stay will allow guests to discover their own restorative wellness journey whilst travelling, developing new learnings that they can take home with them.”

The Intentions Stay is set to redefine a new wellness offering in 2024, featuring Roxie Nafousi’s products and showcasing W London’s commitment to luxury and innovation. Whether it’s looking for a transformative journey or simply a chance to dip a toe into setting new intentions at the start of the spring equinox, W London have you covered.

For more details or to book, visit the website here.