A Taste of Summer

Nothing beats an ice-cold G&T on an unusually warm spring evening, especially when it’s accompanied by delicious food and great company.

We had headed out for the evening to try the new menu at The Swan at Salford (on the outskirts of Milton Keynes), set within the idyllic village of Salford, reminiscent of times gone by. The Swan is full of character and warm hospitality making it the perfect place to enjoy a drink or something to eat with family or friends.

The décor is traditional, with a slightly modern edge, wooden floors, spring green hues and lots of hidden corners all add to the relaxing atmosphere you feel as soon as you walk through the door.

Seated in a cosy corner we relaxed with our G&T’s and whetted our appetites with warm bread and olives whilst pursuing a menu full of fresh ingredients and tasty dishes.

We began with warm crispy Camembert topped with tomato chutney and rocket, a simple dish but none the less delicious, with the chutney adding a slight tang to the creamy smooth cheese. A salad of carrot, buckwheat, pomegranate, chickpea and toasted seeds, dressed with a harissa dressing, was just delightful, full of fresh flavours, different textures and a real mouth-watering treat.

We’d visited on steak night so it seemed sacrilege if we didn’t indulge in a steak or two – It’s always a mark of a good restaurant as to whether they can cook a steak exactly as you request, I have to say The Swan came out top at this. A 28-day dry-aged 8oz sirloin steak was requested well done (sorry to any chefs reading this) and it came out exactly that, cooked to perfection, still tender and full of flavour, with spring greens to accompany, this made a truly appetising dish. Hubbie’s was just as perfectly cooked, rare – medium, with an added side of King Prawns in garlic butter – the amalgamation of tastes from the fresh fish and juicy steak was a real delight on the palette.

As expected there is an impressive wine list with bottles starting from just £18.50 – The Swan also recommends a wine of the month by leaving a little description tied round a bottle on your table, a nice quirky touch that is sure to tempt you.

After a small break, I was still too full for dessert, but hubbie had no such problem and indulged in the lemon parfait, black sesame meringue and lime curd, very similar to a lemon meringue pie, except the pieces came individually, the sesame in the meringue a great twist and the parfait citrusy, smooth and light.

Coffees followed and once cleared we decided to finish our evening with a cocktail at the bar. The Swan has a great choice of cocktails and mocktails along with well-trained bartenders who know how to mix just right.

All of the dishes we tasted were abundant with colour and excellent in presentation. It’s easy to see why once you’ve visited The Swan you’re already planning your return, even if it’s just for cocktails.

To make a reservation visit www.swansalford.co.uk