The Shy Manifesto

On February 8th, seven years and a West End production of Harry Potter later, Theo Ancient is set to return to The Place Theatre in Bedford!

The Shy Manifesto follows 17-year-old Callum, a teenager that prouds himself of being shy and delivers the a manifesto explaining why the audience should share his view. The concept is simple, what this crazy world really needs right now is some more self-restraint. He calls upon his radical shy comrades, teenagers and adults alike, to finally rise up and inherit the earth. However, the previous night’s drunken escapade at a classmate’s end-of-term party may upend the fragile identity he has created for himself.

Ancient says that “The play gives a character like Callum the chance to say everything that’s going on inside his mind, when normally he would keep quiet at the back of the class and not say anything at all.” He continues, saying “It’s a coming of age story that explores our insecurities and growing up as an introvert.” The show is open to everyone, especially those that may share Callum’s shyness.

Remembering his career in 2012 with No Loss Production’s Where The Wild Things Are , a show that opened at The Place, Theo states “I did a children’s show, Where The Wild Things Are , at The Place in Bedford before I went to drama school. It was when I was trying out being an actor. I was there over Christmas, wearing a wolf costume and sweating away playing three shows a day.” After graduating from RADA in 2017, Ancient joined the acclaimed West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as the main character of Albus Potter. After a full West End season he then joined The Shy Manifesto project and now, after seven years, is back to The Place where it all began! Theo says “It will be great to go back, because I have such fond memories of performing that show and the really lovely community.”

The Shy Manifesto will play on 8 February at 7.30pm, tickets for this show are priced at £12.00, with a concession price of £10.00 and are available from