5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

People often travel to experience excitement in their everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that more are investing in luxury travel. GlobalData reports that 16% of Brits are setting aside a higher budget for their holidays, while 12% are saving up a slightly higher budget for travelling. More travellers are going all out for their holidays in pursuit of “once in a lifetime” adventures.

If you’re also planning to go on a memorable trip, you can treat yourself to these extraordinary luxury travel experiences:

Magical Dining Experiences

Florence is well-known as one of the world’s fashion capitals. But once you’re done shopping for designer goods, you can take part in a magical tour within the city.

Thanks to the creativity of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, you can explore the magical mystery tour that is the Gucci Garden museum after exploring the brand’s retail outlet. Located within the space is a fine dining restaurant called Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura, where you can sample Emilian and world classics with a Mexican twist.

Hotel Wellness Programmes

A luxury hotel is more than just a place where you can rest. In fact, luxury hotels are now going above and beyond by providing programmes that can soothe their guests and improve their relaxation.

The Langham is well-known for its opulent design and famous clientele, but the luxury hotel further impresses its guests by offering thr comprehensive programmeSleep Matters by Chuan. Through this luxury travel experience, you’ll be treated to specialised spa treatments and be provided with sleep essentials so that you can enjoy deep sleep after being pampered all day.

All-Inclusive Ocean Journeys

The ocean is a refuge for many travellers. But instead of swimming and sunbathing, you can further elevate your holiday by going on a romantic ocean journey.

While there are plenty of luxury resorts out there, Explora Journeys shows how you can enjoy the ocean up close and personal by going on an immersive journey to popular destinations like the Mediterranean and Hawaii. As you travel to and from these destinations, you can enjoy specialised well-being programmes, distinct culinary experiences, as well as soothing spa packages onboard.

Murder Mystery Adventure

Relaxation is often associated with travel. However, those in search of a good adventure can have a taste of glamour and excitement by trying a new experience: going on a murder mystery adventure.

If you’re planning a holiday in France, you can hop on the historical The Orient Express to take part in a murder mystery game on the moving train. The one-day trip from Paris to Nice immerses you in Agatha Christie’s novel, Mystery of the Blue Train, and you can don a 1920s costume while playing an immersive game that tests your detective skills.

Cultural Private Jet Expeditions

A private jet experience offers comfort for passengers who want to skip the long airport waiting lines and the crowded airplanes. You can take this experience up a notch though by travelling with a private jet organisation that arranges cultural expeditions.

The National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions puts together memorable holidays for guests by providing a dedicated expedition chef, catering officer, and dedicated luggage handler for travellers onboard. Once you land in Africa or Central America, specialty tour guides await you to teach you more about the culture of the region.

If you’re looking for a break from your everyday life, these unique luxury experiences will surely take your breath away. They’re specially crafted for travellers, and are one-of-a-kind encounters that will leave you with incredible memories that you’ll remember for many years to come. For more luxury lifestyle experiences do visit our other posts on Affinity.

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