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A Gastronomy Excellence Like No Other at Abaton Island Resort & Spa in Crete

The 5* luxury resort in Greece has an array of the finest quality restaurants where you can be sure to feast like a king. You can rest assured too that even the most acquired tastes will find something they love, thanks to the wide variety of dishes and international cuisine on offer.

Abaton’s Executive Chef Zinon is truly a master of his craft; born and raised in Heraklion, Crete, and working with culinary masters around the world, his addiction to flavours, fresh ingredients and imaginative combinations really sets him – and his award-winning dishes – apart.

So what of the food? Well, if you’re in the mood for seafood, there is no better place than the Bony Fish SeaFood Restaurant, found right by the water’s edge. Featuring a menu composed of the freshest ingredients harvested from the Aegean Sea, Bony Fish is open for lunch and dinner. Choose a succulent Fish Filet with Green Fava Beans, or Calamari with Spinach Rice; for something really special though, we would recommend the Linguine with Champagne and Salmon for a dish full of decadence.

Of course, being in Greece, it’s a fair bet that you will be able to find incredible Greek fare; enter Elemes Cretan Cuisine for a truly authentic taste of the island. Priding itself on sourcing ingredients from local farmers and with breakfast and dinner menus made up of Cretan sausages, rolled aubergine and tiropita (tasty traditional feta parcels) Elemes is the ideal place to eat like a Greek local!

WOW Steak and Sushi is also on hand and living up to its name in world-class fashion. Specialising in signature steaks and expertly crafted sushi, WOW will certainly add some sizzle to your stay. Choose from succulent Iberico steak and tender Black Angus Rib Eye, or fresh Dragon Rolls and mouth-watering California Maki Rolls. Pair it all with a bottle of wine from their extensive selection for a meal to remember.

F&B manager Dimitris Kiprakis said: “In Crete, it is a longstanding tradition that providing good food and fine wine, reflects great hospitality. The use of fresh, local produce ensures health and happiness, which we have learnt from family traditions. These traditions and principals we put into practice at Abaton, and this is how we ensure our dishes are made with creativity and care.”

At Abaton Island Resort & Spa, cuisine really is king. The diversity of cuisine and flavours from around the globe provide an unparalleled gastronomic experience that you will cherish forever.

For more information, or to book visit www.abaton.gr