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NATC Jewels’ Bold and Elegant Creations are Taking the Luxury Jewelry Brand to Global Success

For the trendy everyday European woman looking for an accessories brand that says bold, courageous and glamorous, look no further than NATC Jewels – an ultra-contemporary jewelry brand that is growing in popularity thanks to its uniquely stylish, affordable and elegantly creative designs.
Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded NATC Jewels in the category of Best Luxury Jewelry Brand in Europe for 2021. The award comes as recognition of NATC Jewels’ fashion-forward take on bespoke luxury accessories.

Founded by acclaimed jewelry and interior designer Natasa Christodoulou in 2011, this Cyprus-based jewelry and interior design brand has established itself as a credible designer of creative and contemporary jewels, bags and swimwear for the everyday woman looking to elevate her look.
What has made NATC Jewels successful over the years is its very clear understanding of its audience’s desire for affordable one-of-a-kind items that complement each buyer’s individual qualities. Whether it is a chunky choker, a bold bracelet or colorful earrings, anyone wearing an NATC Jewels item enjoys an immediate confidence booster knowing that they will attract the right kind of attention.

For its loyal female customer base, NATC Jewels is the go-to store for innovative and sophisticated items.
Christodoulou – who is also the creative director of the label – has worked to establish her brand not only in her home country of Cyprus but across its borders too. NATC Jewels is making its mark in countries such as Italy and Switzerland, and there are plans to take this impressive outfit elsewhere. Irrespective of their location, NATC Jewels stores have a special atmosphere thanks to the furnishings, lighting and impeccable customer service provided – which all come together to create enjoyable moments for their valued shoppers.
The Winter ’21 haute couture collection is an inspired body of work that represents the modern-day woman committed to expressing her individuality. Featuring patterned pieces with captivating gem stones, every item in the collection has been masterfully sized to complement the feminine features of the wearer. The pieces can be worn in combination with others in the range but each can certainly stand on its own, too.

In addition to haute couture jewels, NATC Jewels has a bridal range. Made up of intricate leaf headpieces, multilayered headbands and dainty neckpieces – this collection is the definition of classic elegance. There are also items for men, such as rings, bracelets and belts as well as a small range for children.
From a young age, Christodoulou was fascinated by glamorous style, and she always wanted to be a step ahead with the latest fashion trends. With a creative mindset and passionate about art and design, her academic path led her to Italy’s design and fashion capital, Milan, where she studied Fashion and Interior Design Architecture at the Politecnico Di Milano. She graduated in 2007. A few years later, she completed her Masters’ degree in Visual Merchandiser and Fashion Buyer from IED.
When she returned to Cyprus in December 2011, it was then that Christodoulou birthed NATC – which are the initials of her first and last name – and opened her boutique in one of Nicosia’s well-known shopping streets.

The broader NATC brand has a home décor and interior design arm that focuses on luxury interiors for both residential and commercial. The studio is known for its highly personalized approach to client projects and its use of high-end finishes and sophisticated styling to complete these. Previous commercial clients of the studio include Reviv Cyprus and AKOI Hearing Centre as well as Cyprian branches of international fashion brands such as Timberland, Lee and Camper.

For Christodoulou and the team at NATC Jewels, the mission “to present luxury and limited series accessories at affordable prices” is one they take very seriously. Indeed, customers around the world are showing their appreciation by supporting the brand and taking it to new levels of global success.

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