Are you a Narcissist?

We can be super quick to label others with names, but how often do we step back and examine our own behaviour? There are countless examples of people who are frequently labelled as narcissists in our society such as Donald Trump, the controversial president of the USA. But what if you turned the light on yourself? How easily would you label yourself as a narcissist?

Top Life Coach Carole Ann Rice has made things easier with a list of 5 signs that you may be a narcissist:

  1. NO SELF AWARENESS – if you’ve been told you’re unaware of yourself before, chances are you’re a narcissist. Being genuinely bewildered as to why people don’t want to hang out with you and don’t return your calls, means you should look at yourself from a different point of view.
  1. I’M THE BEST – there’s no shame in being proud of your accomplishments. But if you love everything you do and believe everything you say is correct over others’ views, you have a problem. Being number one in your own fan club doesn’t count – other people have to like and respect you too
  1. I’M A STAR – assuming that everyone cares is a huge mistake. In reality, most people don’t care about who you are and what you’ve done unless they have a reason to. If you can’t tell by the unenthused looks on people’s faces while you’re boring them with your stories, people aren’t always interested. If you assume absolutely everybody is fascinated by you and everyone you meet is your willing audience, you’re a narcissist.
  1. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU – newsflash: other people exist! Talking about yourself all the time is not only boring for others, but it makes you seem like the most conceited person in the room. A good conversation is a two-way street. You can’t always have the attention shining on you and have the focus on how amazing you think you are. Starting every sentence with ‘I’ is terrible and a sure sign that you have narcissistic tendencies.
  1. CHANGING THE SUBJECT – we’ve all dealt with that person who brings themselves back into the conversation, even if it has nothing to do with them. It’s incredibly frustrating and makes you want to avoid them at all future social occasions. If you always have to bring the attention back to you, you’re a narcissist. Nobody cares that you think John’s holiday wasn’t as much fun as the one you had in 2003. You’re just not relevant to the conversation.