Fentimans Celebrates all Mums, Mams & Moms this Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches (Sunday 22nd March), the shops are a proliferation of cards dedicated to ‘Mum’ as well as countless products branded ‘world’s best Mum’ or ‘I love my Mum’. However, according to the results of a recent YouGov survey commissioned by botanical soft drinks producer, Fentimans only just over half of us call our mothers ‘Mum’, with the popularity of many other variants differing between regions in the UK.

When the premium drinks brand, Fentimans decided to create a range of personalised Mother’s Day bottles using one of their most popular flavours, Rose Lemonade, it quickly became apparent that Mam’ was a much more obvious label choice for most of the team in its North East of England office. Whilst being one of the UK’s most exciting brands, sold across the world, Fentimans continues to remain very close to its North East roots and so the team was keen to create bottles that fully represented each region in the UK.

According to the national study, only 55% of respondents most commonly called their mother ‘Mum’ with the next three most popular expressions being  ‘Mom’, ‘Mam’ and ‘Mummy’. Perhaps predictably, the highest number of respondents who answered ‘mam’ when asked what they called their mother, were from the North East of England. However, perhaps less predictably was that the second highest concentration of ‘mams’ was in Wales.

With this in mind, Fentimans has created an exclusive range of three limited edition Mother’s Day Rose Lemonade bottles, with three different labels, ‘Mam’, ‘Mum’ and ‘Mom’.

Those looking for an extra special personalized gift this Mother’s Day should visit www.fentimans.com/mothersday to be in the chance of getting their hands on one.

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