Learning to Spot the ‘Right’ Time

For all of us there are somethings that just happen and other things that we plan, and then there are things that we might ‘want’ to do or think that we will do but we somehow tell ourselves that we need to wait for the right time.

But what exactly is the right time and how are we to know when to wait and when to just take action?

Of course, it always depends on the situation – if you are struggling with your health it may not be the best time to take on a new challenge – but even then, depending on the issues a new challenge could be just what you need. It is very individual and very circumstance dependent this  notion of a right time.

So, while there might not be hard a fast rules, as always there are probably a few guiding principles.

How Important is it to YOU?

Some things are so important to us that timing becomes secondary. We are often prepared to respond or react to what happens. If it is something that we have hoped forthen that is more important than timing. So if you’ve had your eye on a particular home that then comes up for sale or rent then most people would just jump even if the timing wasn’t what you’d call perfect. If it is a chance of promotion that you’ve waited for then similarly often you’d would jump right in – unless there were very compelling reasons not to. On the other hand, is it something that others have made you feel you should do or want then that is an entirely different situation and really requires us to think about why we may have thought we wanted to do it.

If it is something that you are not so bothered about then unless the time felt just right many people maybe more reluctant to take a risk and would therefore give more consideration as to whether or not the time was right at that moment. One good way of noticing how important something is to you is to see how you’d feel if you imagined that you didn’t do it. If you wouldn’t feel bothered, then it might not be something you would put yourself out for.

The Peace Principle

When faced with decisions it can often be useful to ‘listen’ to both your body and mind. How does the decision feel? Is it something that makes you so excited that it keeps you awake at night? How would you feel if you didn’t do it, as above? This can be helpful in knowing if its right. And if you decide to do it – whatever it is – do you feel at peace or do you feel a nagging doubt? None of these ideas give categorical answers BUT they can be helpful in making decisions that might be tough. Both our body and subconscious can be helpful.

Is it Something that you Know you will do Sometime?

Often we can have ideas of things we’d like to do and we can keep on putting them into the future, and the fact is that for some things there may never be a right time. The right time is simply when we decide we are going to do it. The only thing to be wary of is not to keep putting it off. If it is something we really want to do, then we ought to ask ourselves ‘why not now’, every so often. It is quite usual for people to feel apprehensive, or fearful about exciting things even if they are things that we have dreamed of, but if we really want to do it then there will need come a time, however right or not that we simply jump right in.

Has the Right Time Passed?

There are sometimes things that we think we want to do that are based on our situation at the time. If our situation changes then sometimes our desire to do whatever it was changes as well. For example, some people may decide to go travelling when they leave University then find they are offered a dream job and somehow those previous plans may take a back seat. Many people can identify with some plans that have been in their mind but then the practicalities of life with children for example mean they go off our horizon, at least for a time.

Life is all about embracing change and constantly adapting to our situation – however there is also an element of us creating our own future. If we have a dream, then it is up to us to make it happen. Yes, we can wait around for the right opportunity to land on our lap BUT the chances are that may never happen so if something is important then it is up to us to make it happen. So if you have a future that you dream of then the only person who really can make that happen is YOU and you can start today, there is no reason to wait any longer for the ‘right time’.

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