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New Luxury Dating Service Launches in London For Those Who Swipe Their Amex, Not Tinder

Londoners too posh for Tinder but still single and ready to mingle can now do so within the reassuringly luxe confines of the capital’s most eligible private members clubs as Cocktails & Conversation debuts its exclusive weekly events. Those who love the finer things in life, and love to talk about travel, fashion, current affairs, fine dining and socializing can now meet up to 100 other urbanites looking for love in five-star destinations in Chelsea and Mayfair.

The brainchild of socialite Gaia Beck, Cocktails & Conversation’s experimental experience and luxury nights out for London’s most discerning dates turn the traditional dating app formula on its head and takes the industry back to good old fashioned face-to-face conversations with a twist.

“Dating should be fun but I think everyone who has experienced online dating these days would agree that it’s not! I wanted to create an experience that had a sense of luxury and decadence, that you could look forward to all week, where you know everyone’s made an effort for a special evening,” explains Gaia.

“I use to work as a matchmaker but the success rate was extremely hit and miss. I thought it would be so much easier if I could round up all the elegant, sophisticated singles who were in the same age bracket, usually 28+. The ones who probably aren’t going to clubs much but are also looking for a real relationship. Get them together and meet the old fashion way, in person. Cocktails and Conversation was born.

“We host fashion shows, masquerade balls, rooftop parties, so there is always an element of entertainment which helps break the ice. It’s important that each guest feels valued, I don’t think exclusive should mean we lose sight of inclusivity.  Diversity is key to a great party, this is London and guests are often international and open minded, so want to get to know people from all over the world.  However saying that, we aim to keep our community special by selecting the most prestigious venues where drinks and entry are of course pricy but our guests are assured of receiving unparalleled service and the most exquisite décor. Of course, they’ll also meet other guests whose values and standards are in line with their own.”

Gaia spends time getting to know each guest, finding out what type of person they’re looking for, and if they don’t meet someone on the first night, the matchmaker will make it her mission to make new introductions at the next event or send personal introduction via WhatsApp.

Dating apps have fast become the ‘go to’ method for meeting new people. However, to date there have been notably few options for those who have become accustomed to the finer things in life; for those who don’t want to spend their day swiping left and right only to match with someone who doesn’t get their lifestyle and wouldn’t feel comfortable in their social circle.

Cocktails & Conversation hosts both public events and private events. Membership includes personal introductions with other members and event guests, as well as 1-to-1 coaching and feedback both before and after events. Events are held at least three times per month with a complimentary cocktail to kick things off and introductions made by Gaia and her team of hosts during the evening.

To find out more about Cocktails & Conversation, or to book event tickets, visit www.cocktailsandconversation.co.uk

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