Relax with Rose

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a glass of chilled rose on a warm summer’s day


Fleurs de Prairie Rosé

This wine is crafted in the traditional Provençal style with a pale salmon colour, delicate flavours of strawberry, rose petals, and herbs, and a bright, refreshing acidity.

£8.99, Aldi

Mirabeau en Provence Forever Summer

Pale pink in colour, and boasting an elegant, summer fruit hit, balanced by peach and citrus notes. With all the moreishness of the dry rosés from the region, it’s elegant on the palate and a great food companion.

£11, Sainsbury’s

Adorada Rose 
A passionately crafted wine capturing the essence of earth, sea and sky. A bright, clear, crisp and fruity light pink rose with flavours of watermalon and honeycomb with a touch of white pepper. Hints of rose, strawberry and sweet pea linger in the nose.

£9.50, Tesco

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