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Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, Palma announces Official Partnership with La Nit de L’art

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, five-star, boutique hotel iset within a former Mallorcan mansion, is home to 42 elegant rooms and signature suites, three restaurants & bars and fitness and wellbeing centre. Home to one of the finest contemporary art collections in the city, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership to celebrate the 23rd annual event of La Nit De L’Art.

Between 19th – 21st September, Palma’s much-loved contemporary art show will showcase Mallorca’s dynamic contemporary art scene by moonlight. 30,000 art lovers from around the world will take to the cobbled streets of Palma to visit the world-renowned galleries, art museums and studios, which offer complimentary entry, private tours, drink receptions, open table discussions and will unveil brand new exhibitions over the three days.

Highlights of the festival include visits to the EsBaluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Joan Miro Foundation and the CasalSolleric. This year, five-star, boutique hotel Sant Francesc is La Nit de L’Art’s only hotel partner involved in the event. They have worked closely with local galleries for years, including one of Palma’s finest modern art galleries – GaleriaPelaires. This gallery celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and is set to unveil five special pieces of art by Brazilian artist, Lucas Simões at Sant Francesc, exclusively to Nit De L’Art attendees. Simões work is heavily influenced by his architectural and design background and will sit in harmony within the neoclassical building that houses the hotel.

Since opening its doors in 2015, Sant Francesc has endeavored to champion and showcase local and Spanish contemporary art. Guests to the hotel are welcomed by a specially commissioned masterpiece by Spanish artist Josep Maria RieraiAragó and can enjoy artwork by painter and sculptor Guillem Nadal and Catalonian artist Jordi Alcaraz. Pieces by Dominica Sánchez, Jordi Alcaráz, Bruno Olle, Miguel Macaya, M.A. Campano, J.M. Broto, A. Alzamora and E. Arbós are elegantly displayed throughout the hotel’s public areas and guest rooms.

General Manager at Sant Francesc, Miguel Garcia Feliz says “We are delighted to join a number of prestigious contemporary art establishments including Fundación Arco, DKV Seguros and Acción Cultural Española in partnering with La Nit de L’Art. It is the city’s most esteemed art event and each year it gets bigger and better. We have worked closely with our friends at GaleriaPelaires to reveal five very special new pieces of artwork at the hotel and those attending the festival will be the first to experience them.”

For more information, visit www.hotelsantfrancesc.com

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