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The Hotel President Wilson: Luxury on Lake Geneva

What does Rihanna, Richard Branson, Tony Blair, and Bill Gates all have in common, aside from being massively wealthy? They’ve all stayed at the Hotel President Wilson on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The Hotel President Wilson is a landmark of opulence and wealth in the Swiss city. So, in this post we will take you inside the hotel and its famously expensive penthouse suite.

(credit: @presidenthotelwilson)

The Hotel President Wilson

The Hotel President Wilson was built in honour of US president Woodrow Wilson’s commitment to peace and justice, most notably during World War I. Built in 1962, the luxurious hotel is located minutes away from the UN building and is one of the largest luxury hotels in Europe. It has 204 guests rooms and 22 luxurious suites. For those looking for a gastronomic treat, Bay view by Michel Roth has one Michelin star and serves French cuisine. The hotel is also known for its Spa La Mer, which is the first spa in the country to use Crème de la Mer in every one of its skincare treatments. On top of that, the hotel is also famous for one particular room.

(credit: @gentlemanmexico)

Royal Penthouse Suite

The Royal Penthouse Suite is the most luxurious room in the President Wilson Hotel. It spans an eye-popping 18,000-square-foot and features 12 bedrooms with 12 marble bathrooms, taking up the whole eighth floor of the hotel. The suite also has a 5,500 square-foot terrace overlooking the mountain-lined Lake Geneva. The penthouse comes with a personal butler and professional chef, and the wide array of art in the suite was curated by Charles Tamman, the hotel’s director and owner. Starting at £62,300 a night, it was hailed as the most luxurious suite in the world by Business Insider UK.

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In fact, the Metro’s report on the recent winner of the £170 million Euro Millions jackpot compares the prize in terms of nights at the hotel. With this amount of money, the recipient could stay for 2,867 nights in the suite. To put how expensive that is into perspective. The winner of the smaller Irish lottery, which Lotto land details have a jackpot that often reaches £5.1 million, could only stay in the suite for 81 consecutive days. This is why even a single night’s stay at the Royal Penthouse Suite has become a symbol of affluence.

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(credit: @hotelpresidentwilsor)

The choice for the affluent

As aforementioned, numerous celebrities and even Presidents have stayed in the hotel. More than being a deluxe suite, it’s also one of the most secure locations in the country. An armored beauty overlooking the lake, it has bulletproof windows and is protected by panic buttons throughout the hotel. There’s also a secure private elevator, a guard room, and access to a helipad.

The Hotel President Wilson is one of many luxury hotels in Geneva. Another hotel, we have covered is the Beau-Rivage Geneva. This shows why Geneva is one of the top places to visit to indulge in pure extravagance, and why you must book a stay here soon.

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