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The Most Beautiful Places in Texas Region to Visit

From mysterious caves to cool waterfalls and sandy hills, the state of Texas can offer a massive variety of options to every traveller wherever they come from. A state that to this day excites every visitor, with its incomparable geography and the various scenery that exists in its countryside. As the second-largest state in America, inside, you can discover thousands of hidden secrets that are looking to come to light. So, are you ready to find them? Let’s get to know the most beautiful places in the greater Texas area, which are definitely worth your time. Let’s start:

Hamilton Pool Preserve

From the top of an imposing rock flows Hamilton Creek, which creates a beautiful natural waterfall, ideal for bathing in the area during the warmer months. This waterfall creates an idyllic landscape, which is visited every year by thousands of visitors who are willing to wait in line at the attraction for up to 45 whole minutes to enjoy a refreshing dip inside.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the hassle, you can make your reservation before your visit to a specific place. In any case, it is worth the wait for one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the greater state of Texas. 

Santa Elena Canyon

In the vast Big Bend National Park, we can find the Santa Elena Canyon, which will enchant you from the first moment you set foot in it. This canyon is one of the most famous canyons in all of Texas, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports, such as kayaking and canoeing in its waters, giving you new and exciting adventures.

The whole area is “surrounded” by high cliffs that reach up to 1000 ft, creating a cinematic setting that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Bayou Bend Gardens

In Houston, one can enjoy fantastic things, and definitely one of them is the Bayou Bend Gardens. Their creation dates back to 1925 due to Miss Ima Hogg’s desire to create a huge garden where she could relax inside and “communicate” directly with nature.

After so many decades, the gardens continue to offer their incomparable beauty and enchant every visitor who is lucky enough to smell the rich aromas and watch this explosion of colours that happens before his eyes. Bayou Bend Gardens is a place where every visitor has the opportunity to enjoy from a very close distance all this beautiful flora and fauna of the area.

Texas State Capitol in Austin

Take a stroll through the deep history of Texas across Congress Avenue to the Texas State Capitol. There you will witness an imposing building that had replaced the older and smaller version of the structure of 1853. The current building reflects all the power of the mentioned state, with great architecture and interior layout of its premises.

Visiting the capital of Texas, Austin, you will have the opportunity to learn about all those historical events that determined the current state to take its current form, knowing information and experiencing experiences that will help you fully understand its history.

Texas is a state that is seeking your attention, and you should be willing to provide it. A state that invites you to explore it through long distances, enchanting landscapes, and historical monuments that you will hardly find in another neighbouring state. Rent a car during your visit to the state, through the company Enjoy Travel, and choose the vehicle of your choice, to cross this adventurous region of America, either alone or with your loved ones. The time is now.