Turn your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

One in ten of us will send a work email from our bed, which means that although 20 million of us across the UK suffer from poor sleep, (making us one of the most poorly slept nations), we are continuing to prioritize technology above a good night’s sleep. So, here are nine simple ways to make your room a sanctuary for blissful sleep, helping to put your smartphones down and your sleep first. 

Keep your cool

As we sleep our body temperate drops slightly, so it is important that the temperature of the room compliments this. Dr. Marilyn Glenville (www.marilynglenville.com), author of The Natural Health Bible for Women, advises, ‘Pay attention to the temperature in your room and make sure it’s not too warm and not too cold. Cooler is better than warmer. Keep the room restful: a quiet, dark, cool environment sends signals to your brain that it is time to wind down.’ 

Lighting is key

If you spend time pottering around your room before bed, a gentle glow will help your body relax rather than a powerful bright light. Marilyn says, ‘Using dimmer switches in living rooms and bathrooms before bed can be helpful.’

Swap the Bluetooth for a bookmark

If the last think you check at night is your phone, then you may be setting yourself up for a night of tossing and turning. This is due to the fact that the blue light emitted by electrical devices such as phones and tablets stimulate the brain making it harder for it to switch off when we turn the lights out. So rather than scrolling down your Instagram feed, pick up a book and let your brain properly wind down. 

Keep those tootsies toasty

Research has shown that cold hands and feet are often associated with sleeplessness, so although it’s important to keep your bedroom cool make sure you keep your feet warm by always having a pair of thermodynamic socks, such as Carnation Footcare’s Silver Socks [RRP £12.00, www.firstaidfast.co.uk] in your sock draw.  

Cool off your colour palette

Psychedelic wallpaper and clashing prints may be to your taste but they’re not conducive to a good night’s sleep. In your bedroom at least, opt for a soft, neutral colour scheme to help release your inner sense of calm before settling down for a good night’s rest. 

Go the full cycle

Getting through a full nights sleep cycle, without any interruptions is extremely difficult for many, so it might be worth adding the right kind of technology to your room to help you sleep well. A sleep device, such as Somnuva (RRP £420, www.somuva.com), uses a patented sound algorithm to repair your sleep cycle and guide you through a full night of quality sleep, helping to make your room a true sanctuary from the outside world. 

Refresh the nest

Swapping your old threadbare sheets for fresh clean sheets is a simple way to refresh your sleeping environment and create a clean space for you to snuggle down in. Choose natural-fibre bedding, such as linen or cotton, over synthetic material as it won’t cause you to over-heat during the night.

Leave it at the door

To encourage a full night’s sleep it is important that your head doesn’t fill with worry as soon as it hits the pillow. Marilyn suggests, ‘write down what you need to do the next day at least an hour before bed. The aim is to stop the dialogue in your head which can end up stopping you from drifting off to sleep or else waking you up in the middle of night as you suddenly remember something else that has to be done.’ 

Smell the sweetness

Allow your bedroom to engage all your senses in your efforts to drift off to sleep. As well as low level lighting and a cool temperature, fill your room with natural relaxing scents such as vanilla, lavender and bergamot. Try spraying your pillow with linen spray or light a candle such as Janjira’s Jasmine & Ylang Ylang therapy candle [RRP £32.00, www.janjira.co.uk], which will help contribute to a sense of calm