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Why Choosing an Amateur Wedding Photographer is a Bad Idea

Are you newly engaged? Have you only just begun to put together a vision for the big day and think about the wedding plans? Are you planning to have your wedding in Glasgow and want to be sure it maintains a sense of romance and intimacy that some weddings are void of? Perhaps you’ve made the decision that in order to save a little money and keep things small, you’ll just search for amateur photographers, rather than professional wedding photographers in Glasgow.

Well, now it’s time to pump the brakes, because choosing an amateur photographer for your big day is a bad idea for all kinds of reasons. Let’s take a closer look.

You May Have a Hard Time Communicating Your Vision

One of the first issues that an amateur wedding photographer can present is that they may not understand the vision you have for your wedding photographs. Weddings aren’t meant to be cookie-cutter events, meaning each couple is unique, and the photo style should reflect that.

They May Not Have the Best Equipment for the Job

Then there is the equipment they use to capture your photographs. You are paying to get professional looking results which require a high-quality camera, lighting, and editing software. An amateur who is simply doing photography on the side or who has newly started out may not have made those investments at this point. The results will be evident in your photos.

Do They Have a Plan for the Day?

Another thing to consider is their plan for the day. Just showing up and taking photographs isn’t a ‘plan’. Some questions you can ask include:

  • Where do you plan to take the photos?
  • Do you need to book any locations in advance for a photoshoot and is there a fee?
  • If you are taking photos outside and it rains, what is the backup plan?
  • What if the lighting isn’t suitable at the venue? Will the photographer supply lights (lamps)?
  • How long will the photo session take?
  • How will you capture photos during the ceremony without intruding on the moment?

Choosing an Amateur Photographer Doesn’t Guarantee a Lower Price

Couples typically choose an amateur photographer in the hopes of saving money on the budget, but that isn’t always a given. Often, you’ll find that there are lots of extras that aren’t mentioned in the initial package that you will need to pay for after the event. At the end of the day, the savings could be minimal at best.

What Happens If You Aren’t Happy with the Results?

Then there is the biggest “what if” of all, and that’s the question of, ‘what if you aren’t happy with the results?’ It would be so sad to have a perfect wedding, and everything go to plan, only to have your photographs delivered days, weeks, or months later and find they don’t all capture the essence of the day. Unfortunately, you can’t go back and that is what you’re left with.

It’s a Risky Move to Hire on an Amateur

While it is perfectly understandable to look for ways to cut corners where the budget is concerned, hiring an amateur photographer is a pretty risky move that isn’t usually worth it.

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