Why Cleaning is Good for Your Mental Health

Asma Ahmed, therapist advisor at www.supportroom.com has explained the importance of cleaning for your mental health, as well as its benefits. “Clean room, clear mind” as the saying goes.

‘Cleaning can be incredible for boosting your mental health. Some people spend a few hours out of the week or even a full day dedicated to cleaning. When we say cleaning, this can involve anything from decluttering the bedroom to sanitising the kitchen. Tidying can also involve redecorating your living space!’

Cleaning for mental health can be beneficial for several reasons:

1 – Makes you feel productive: Accomplishing a goal, even as simple as making your bed, can make you feel like you have a purpose and more put-together. You can sort through your belongings and get rid of things that you no longer need. A great place to start is your wardrobe, make time to sort through your clothes and donate unwanted garments to charity.

2 – Provides a form of therapy: Some people find cleaning meditative, and a chance to think. Washing the dishes, for example, can also make you feel as if you’re tidying up your mind.

3 – Provides a distraction: You might find that tidying can be a good distraction from your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we need a break, and cleaning can feel like accomplishing two jobs in one. You can also deep clean your home; this usually takes a bit longer than a brief hoover. You might find that the time spent and full concentration on spring cleaning can better your mood.

4 – Leaves you with a clear mind: A few minutes spent tidying is always beneficial. But you might find spring cleaning a worthwhile activity. If you suffer from certain mental health problems, such as seasonal depression, you might find it rewarding to do a deep clean.

5 – Improves mental health: People say “clean room, clear mind” for a reason! Cleaning can make you think clearer and be more mindful. Cleaning is a physical experience that releases endorphins — natural chemical messengers that are released during exercise that elevate your mood. When you solve a problem or complete an activity, you experience a release of positive emotions.

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