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BeSophro Launches Free Guided Sophrology Wellness Sessions to Enjoy from Home

BeSophro has announced a new series of free guided Sophrology wellness sessions for the UK to enjoy at home. Held throughout April, the free sessions are designed to help bring a bit of calm to a very chaotic time for anyone who needs it.

Each session has a dedicated theme that ranges from helping to manage mental wellbeing, alleviating stress and anxiety, calming fear, boosting productivity, to improving sleep and more.

Sessions last just over 30 minutes, will streamed on Instagram Live and are completely free of charge.

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a form of dynamic meditation that has been hugely popular in Switzerland and France for decades but relatively new to the UK. It can be done lying down, sitting, standing up and even whilst moving, and combines breathwork, meditation, visualisation exercises and light body movement to engage both the mind and body so you can find calm and wellbeing every day.

The guided sessions will take you through simple but highly effective techniques to help you manage everyday stress and achieve calm when anxiety, nerves and fear take hold. You’ll also learn how to reframe pressurising situations into more positive states, and gain an understanding of how to tap into your resilience and confidence when you need it most. It’s a powerful practice for people with busy minds and busy lives to get ahead of their worries and gain new perspective during times of stress, uncertainty and chaos.

The Host

The sessions are hosted by Europe’s leading Sophrologist Dominique Antiglio – founder of BeSophro clinics, author of best-selling stress book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology (Yellow Kite/Hodder & Stoughton), and instructor of 15-day online Sophrology course Relax, Reset & Overcome Stress.

Where to Find the Sessions

Instagram Live at @BeSophroLondon

The Schedule

9 April, 8.15pm – Seize the Day
12 April, 8pm – Sleep Deep
14 April, 8pm– Calm and Productive
16 April, 8.15pm – From Fear to Clear
19 April, 8pm – The Power of Intention
21 April, 8pm – Instant Calm
23 April, 8.15pm – Positivity in Chaos
26 April, 8pm – Embrace The Future
28 April, 8pm – Grounding Here and Now
30 April, 8.15pm – From Solitude to Gratitude

See you there!

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