Bringing People Together Through Food

Learn to cook in your own home with Ruth Little’s Little Kitchen With stricter measures being imposed, more people are now adjusting to a new way of life inside their home.

Why not learn to cook and bake in the comfort of your own home with Ruth Little, an award winning baker and cooking instructor who places quality and organic ingredients at the heart of real bread making. Ruth’s ethos is simple and authentic: cook, teach, share, and eat.

Coming to you live from the Little Kitchen HQ in Surrey, Ruth will be teaching her Instagram followers how to create a number of delicious treats via Livestream. Twice a week on Monday and Thursdays at 10am, Ruth will jump onto Instagram Live to teach her followers basic skills to help people of any age cook independently. Her virtual workshops will also be suitable for children and parents, now homebound to learn something new each week.

These virtual workshops are a great way to learn something new and have some fun whilst we all have to spend a little more time at home.

Commenting on this offering Ruth says “during this time I just want to be able to bring people together and for us to collectively grow as one community. I love cooking and baking and can only hope that this will spark a little bit of joy into the lives of those joining the sessions”.

Follow Ruth on Instagram at @RuthsLittleKitchen and turn on your notifications so that you don’t miss out on her virtual workshops, every Monday and Thursday at 10am.

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