Perfect your Parfait this Christmas!

Whittlebury Park’s Head Pastry Chef, Ben Clark, is feeling festive and has a shared a tasty way of using up left-over Christmas pudding and transforming it into a decadent desert.


250g Christmas pudding
625ml cream
188g caster sugar
30ml water
12 egg yolks
55ml brandy



Break up the Christmas pudding into small pieces and add to the cream, begin to whip until it forms soft peaks.

In a machine bowl, whisk the egg yolks. Mix water and sugar together in a small pan and bring to the boil. With a thermometer, make sure the sugar is at 118oc, and pour into the whisked egg yolks, this is called a pate bombe.Continue to whisk until cold.

Mix the cream and egg yolk mixture together. Pour into a large Christmas pudding mould and freeze overnight.

Demould and serve on a festive or decorative plate.

When serving, for added theatre, pour brandy on top and flambé

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