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Health Mistakes you could be Making During Self-isolation

We are currently in the centre of a global pandemic, many of us are inside selfisolating. Having your entire schedule altered and steering away from your normal routines results in habits developing that may seem harmless at first but will later be detrimental to your health. It has become a popular trend to avoid makeup and take on the au natural look but that doesn’t mean that our skin routines must stop too, ensure you’re still replenishing and moisturising daily.

Habits can be hard to shift if you fail to identify them, to help you do this we have enlisted the help of Chanele Rosa, aesthetic specialist at Candela Medical. She has described in detail the most common health mistakes people have been making in lockdown and offers a permanent solution to problems once everything has been

Not Wearing SPF

Even though we are spending a limited amount of time outside, SPF should not be overlooked. During your daily walks and hours in your garden, the sunshine is out – even if you can’t see it. It is important to still wear your SPF, it may seem unnecessary as you only spend a ratio of your day outdoors, but the UVA rays are still strong enough to lead to skin damage. SPF also gives your skin extra protection if you’re working near a window, unfortunately, glass doesn’t block all ultraviolet or UV light.

Another factor is video calls, that isn’t great for your skin either. Blue light is neither UVA or UVB light but it can arise from natural sources but also devices such as computers, smartphones and LED. Too much blue light can affect sleep by suppressing the secretion of melatonin. Look for sunscreens that contain a mineral blocker ingredient, like zinc oxide with extra antioxidant serums, they may be useful in blocking blue light.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

With virtual drinks becoming the new norm, it’s not a surprise that everyone has been consuming more alcohol than their daily intake. People are turning to alcohol to escape from the uncertainty of the lockdown but having more than you should has consequences for your immune system. Excessive drinking can lead to an increased
risk for infectious diseases and can take you longer to recover.

Alcohol can also rob your skin of its natural radiance and leave it dehydrated. This because it’s a diuretic. Diuretics are substances that increase the production of urine, which dehydrates the body and causes the skin to look drier, feel less plump and makes your fine lines more visible. Alcohol increases the inflammation and
changes the hormonal milieu in the skin, this worsens acne and rosacea. If you begin to see these changes in your skin, avoid wines, cocktails and chasers that have excess sugar or consider having a detox

Growing your Nails

It is not known how long coronavirus can live on skin and nails, but we do that if your nails are not cleaned and are too long, it can harbour germs. Bacteria, dirt and debris can collect under your nails which is then transferred into your mouth if you bite your nails. Repetitive hand washing can dehydrate your nail beds too. Keep your nails trimmed so that the nail does not reach over the top of the fingertip and avoid using artificial nails because germs can live on the crevices post hand washing. If you want to care for your nails, use a cuticle oil every night to keep it moisturised, less prone to splitting and prevents them growing weak.

Over Cleansing
Whilst we are having a skin detox in order to achieve perfect skin, you might be washing your face too many times, increasing the chances of your skin breaking out. Excessive washing will interfere with the normal pH balance of the skin, which will corrode and strip your skin of natural oils. These are on your skin to keep it soft and
supple during the entire day.

To avoid altering the natural glow of your skin, wash your face in the morning and before bed. If you must wash your face more than twice daily ensure it’s after a workout, this reduces any unnecessary skin damage.

Aggravating your Skin

It is no surprise that picking your spots, dry skin and eczema will only end in disaster for your complexion. Picking can turn a small spot into a larger and permanent problem. Now is more important than ever to keep your hands away from your face so ensure you know the risks you take when your hands meet your face.

If you wish to target a whitehead, use something other than your hands to limit the chances of bacteria entering the wound when your skin is trying to heal. Ensure you don’t resort to picking your skin out of boredom as this can lead to dire long-term effects for your skin.

Once order has been restored, rejuvenate your skin by booking a treatment in with a clinic. The Nordlys system offers a wide range of treatments such as hair removal, photo rejuvenation and treatment of acne scars. Treatments are an excellent way to restore your skin with well needed TLC.

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