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Woman doing yoga in office

Keep Healthy at Work
10 Simple Solutions

 Holding meetings whilst walking around the office, lunchtime yoga classes and workplace running clubs are just some of the strategies Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England is supporting, according to The Observer.Selbie believes that small and medium-sized companies should apply these suggestions, to help boost employees wellbeing. We have asked our experts for…


The Benefits of Beautiful Beetroot and its Superfood Nutritional Qualities

Beetroot has become a firm favourite and is often featured on restaurant menus and in recipes. Even Paralympic gold medallist David Weir announced that a shot of beetroot juice was the secret to his success, thus increasing its popularity. The benefits of beets Beetroot has long been used for liver disorders due to its ability…


It’s not just What you eat, but When you eat

It’s not just What you eat, but When you eat
A nutritionist’s guide to the best foods to eat from dawn till dusk

We all know we need to be eating a healthy, balanced diet but knowing what to eat at certain points of the day can be confusing if you’re not in the know. Therefore we asked Nutritionist Cassandra Barns to guide us through what we should be eating when from dawn till dusk.