Centuries Old Business Celebrates with Family Tree

In these fast-changing times, it is comforting to find a great British business which still offers exceptional service after two and a half centuries.

Celebrating 250 years of continuous service is the Beales Hotels family business which owns the beautiful West Lodge Park Hotel in Hadley Wood and the contemporary-chic Beales Hotel in Hatfield.  Both are highly rated four-star establishments, benefitting from generations of hospitality experience.

With a history dating back to 1769, a direct descendant of the Beale family has run the business for eight generations. Passed down for centuries, the ninth generation now involves siblings Dominic and Emma who work with their father Managing Director Andrew Beale.

Said Andrew: “Our family business which started as a bakery in London back in 1769, has weathered all changes.  We keep up-to-date with the latest technology and all comforts that our guests may require whilst keeping alive the traditions of service excellence.

“When people ask us how did we survive war, we ask which one, the Napoleonic?  Nine generations of direct descendents have worked in business.  I think it’s fair to say in it’s our DNA and we’re here to stay.”

In addition to family members, the hotel group enjoys the loyalty of long serving staff, a rarity in today’s hospitality business.  Currently staff have clocked up over 900 years of combined service, with some having worked for the company for 45 years.

Family trees have a special relevance at Beales Hotels as West Lodge Park is the only hotel in the word with its own arboretum.  Home to a rare collection of 4,500 trees, Andrew Beale will be planting a Magnolia grandiflora ‘Maryland’ to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the business.

Next year marks the company’s 75th anniversary at West Lodge Park Hotel.  The site wasoriginally used as a hunting lodge in the 1400s and was visited by Queen Elizabeth I.  Many VIPs and celebrities have wandered the grounds and enjoyed hospitality at West Lodge Park Hotel and several Lord Mayors of London have planted trees in the grounds. The Beale Arboretum is open to the public twice a year for charity, as part of the National Gardens Open Day Scheme.

Their sister location, Beales Hotel in Hatfield is a stylish, contemporary venue close to the Galleria which serves the local business community and visitors to Hertfordshire.  Home to a stunning collection of modern art, commissioned from students at the University of Hertfordshire, the four star hotel has outstanding conference and banqueting facilities complete with cocktail bar.

West Lodge Park hosted an anniversary luncheon to celebrate their 250 years, and nine generations of the family business where the celebrations began with a champagne reception followed by delightful dishes of Hertfordshire Game Terrine, Shetland Salmon Supreme and a Trio of Desserts that included mini pecan pie, pistachio panna cotta and strawberry cheesecake were served.

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